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Games Angry Birds is a very addictive game, so be warned, it is an excellent form of entertainment as you use various skills to defect the evil green pigs which stole the Birds eggs. Now you know why they are angry. As a gamer, your job is to kill the evil pigs by catapulting the Angry Birds at the structures the green pigs are hiding in. The graphics in this game are superb, as those birds look really fierce and mean hombres. They mean business and are out to get those pilfering piggies. You have to use your skill and basic knowledge of physics to help you defeat the evil ones. The game has 120 levels and to unlock a new level you have to have defeated the pigs before or upon using up your last bird. You get stars and points at the end of each successfully .pleted level, and when a level has been unlocked, you can go back and play it as many times as you like in order to increase your score. Personally I love the red angry birds, which are just as far away as you can get from the cute robins so often found on Christmas cards, and I adore the white doves-like birds that can drop explosive eggs. The whole game appeals to my admittedly black sense of humor. If you are feeling particularly evil then play Angry Birds and take out your aggression on the pigs. As you move up the levels the pigs .e in different sizes and the ones wearing the crowns are the most indestructible. Others wear helmets and/or Armour, so they be.e increasingly difficult to annihilate. To .bat them the birds .e with different properties of destructiveness, for example the black bird explodes, and the blue ones- far from being joyous little song-birds, split into a lethal force of three. Specific birds are also effective against the different materials of the shelters the pigs choose to shelter in, these are made of wood, stone and ice, so you have to think logically about which bird will be of most destructive use in your battle against the pigs. The levels have interesting names too, theres Summer picnic and Seasons Greetings and a host of others similarly cleverly titled. It is hardly surprising that the game has sold millions of copies since it was first launched in the Apple App Store. Now you can play for free wherever you are if you have a smartphone. You can now play online for free and this is good if you havent bought the app or want to play on a different device. Why not start to play for free now? Make sure that you have got a lot of time to spare, though as it really is a .pulsive game. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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