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Wine-Spirits The days of the dusty saloon are done. The clinking of heavy glass shot glasses has gone the way of the tumbleweed. Plastic shot glasses have .e into their own. Once believed to only be suitable for disposable glass, Polycarbonate and Polystyrene shot glasses have had a massive impact on the bar supplies industry as of late. Previously, Plastic Shot Glasses have been weak and easily broken vessels, too fragile to replace more traditional glassware in pubs, bars and other venues. This is no longer the case with the introduction of heavier grade Polycarbonate plastic glasses, which can actually be stronger than their glass counterparts. There are numerous advantages to Plastic Shot Glasses, one of the most important is the safety benefits of molding using plastic rather than glass. The most obvious problem with glassware is the danger of getting broken, shatter, or chip. The result of this sort of damage can range from a throwing away a chipped piece of glassware, to being liable for personal injury claims as a result of a breakage. Obviously neither of these is particularly appealing to bar owners, whose responsibility it is to maintain the quality of their bar supplies. This problem has be.e further .pounded with more recent Societal nightlife trends in the United Kingdom where binge drinking is on the increase, often resulting in a fight. In this sort of situation the worst tool for a customer to be equipped with is an item of glassware, which can be quickly turned into a glass dagger. In the interest of safety and public liability, bar and club owners have quickly adopted plastic alternatives to many bar supplies, including the humble shot glass. To this end, the improvements in the plastic manufacturing process could not have .e at a better time, giving bar owners a genuinely viable alternative to the glass based item. As with so many things, money also plays its part in the equation. Both Polycarbonate Shot Glasses and Polystyrene shot glasses are much cheaper than buying glassware due to the more efficient manufacturing processes used to make them. Moulds can be created which allow the manufacturer to produce huge quantities of glasses with a very low fault rate. Another major benefit plastic shot glasses have given clients is the innovation in designs and colours. Because of the lower production costs, manufacturers have been able to make a whole range of stylised glasses, for example the twisted shot glass, neon shot glass or the twin-chamber shot glass. Of course this has been a huge hit when it .es to specialty themed shots in bars, the Baileys Irish cream drink for example. These innovations, safety improvements and price benefits have led to a huge surge in the usage of plastic shot glasses on the UK pub and club scene, a Market totally dominated by glassware only a couple of years ago. Whatever your requirements, there is a type of shot glass available to meet your needs. These range from the high quality glasses designed to mimic the glass version, to thinner disposable plastic shot glasses more suited to high volume use. For bar owners and bar catering supplies .panies, there really is no need to supply the glass made shot glass anymore. The implications of its misuse make its deployment in today’s ".pensation culture" society an unattractive proposition. All this may mean that the glassware item may be.e consigned to the history books. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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