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Steel Pipe Clamps: Steel Pipe Clamps are shaped like a C and are mostly used to hold pipes, cables and other long and thin objects. There is a nut and bolt which hold the clamp together. The object is passed through the clamp and the nut and bolt tightened in order to hold the object in place. The object is often attached to a structure which is already fixed. Steel Pipe Clamps be.e an absolute necessity when long pipes or cables need to run parallel to a wall. Steel Pipe Clamps also clamp objects which need to be held down at a fixed place during certain operations. Use of Steel Pipe Clamps provides an arranged look to what may otherwise have been a clutter or pipes and cables. Safety is another issue which is covered by the Steel Pipe Clamps. Adjustable Pipe Clamps: An Adjustable Pipe Clamp is made of an iron pipe with a head and an adjustable clamp. The adjustable clamp moves on threads to tighten or release the object. The Adjustable Pipe Clamps are used when large objects are to be clamped or when heavy pressure requires to be exerted on the object. Wooden boards and other wooden objects are clamped down using Adjustable Pipe Clamp. Wood works like sawing, gluing, etc. require the plank to be held down in one place. Spring Clamps: Spring Clamps use the mechanism of springs. Typical examples of spring clamps are the clothespins which are used to fix the clothes to the clothes line. Pipe Clamps 相关的主题文章:

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