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Peter Ho love nine years fruition wedding wedding night propaganda spell twins original title: Peter Ho called the wedding night fight child wife love nail Sina entertainment Peter Ho [micro-blog] (Peter) and wife Lin Jingyi (Peggy) 1 evening Taipei Hanshe Le Meridien Munich Hotel banquet, wedding banquet 53 tables, the couple in the wedding before the public appearance of respondents Peter, wearing a black suit, handsome Peggy dressed in elegant long white yarn, for Peter Ho to hold a black umbrella morning, whether Peggy was pregnant? He denied pregnant, laughed and said: "this is the night we will work hard, don’t fill my wine!" Peter Ho likes to share his wife’s unique personality, his wife will collect his nails, joking: "she is a witch, it will be!" He revealed that his wife will be directly to him, said: do not lose your nails, bring back to me! Can be used to play the guitar." So his wife declaration is: "the next 20 years, every two years a nail yield to you" Peter Ho also promised to her family as filial piety, filial to his parents. Peter love for nine years, Peggy says: "after marriage, finally can work in just ways to visit." Her favorite husband will be optimistic to encourage her to support her to do everything, the most important thing is that her husband adores me!" Because Peter Ho has "carved king" title, after Peggy asked is "Temple of evil"? She is shy said "carved sister-in-law", says with a laugh: "feel shy, look at my smile so happy, should know." (Lin Yiyun Wen, figure) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章:

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