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People’s daily life stroll: harassing phone call who? – View – – by security software marked thousands or even tens of thousands of times of telephone harassment can continue to call, not the monstrous absurdity? Against telephone harassment, cannot do without the telecom operators take the initiative as the letter, business, finance, public security and other related departments to work together for telecommunications users to recover a quiet recently, online popular phrase: "every day I wake up, not the alarm clock, it is not a dream, but the telephone harassment." Although the banter and hyperbole, but something that is not a true portrayal of people by telephone harassment victims: "Hello sir, we recently have a new high yield financial products, will consider?" "I have a detailed list of formal invoices, need not?" "Madam, have you considered buying a house or renting a house recently?"…… Financial marketing, invoicing, winning exchange, housing rental, counseling training, business promotion and all kinds of telephone harassment, telecommunications fraud together, make people feel bored with endless ". Harassing phone calls in the end how much? In March this year, Baidu released the China Internet Security white paper shows that in 2015, the national total of 94 billion 800 million harassing phone calls, compared with an increase of 57% in 2014. Such a large number, even if the number of sets of fraud is limited, the number of users cheated the absolute number. The most unbelievable is that many people on the mobile phone, some security software marked thousands or even tens of thousands of times of telephone harassment can continue to call, not the monstrous absurdity? Objectively, the definition of harassing phone calls is not easy. In the common harassment number 400+ phone, for example, unless there is pornography, violence, obscenity and other obvious illegal content, it is difficult to determine what the phone is harassment, which is a fraud. Some people think that the telephone communication is a public right, in the case of a number can not be judged illegal, operators have no power to stop service. This specious "pay to be able to use theory", as if there is some truth, but it can not help but make people feel. The annual number of tens of billions of the telephone harassment, it can only go? According to insiders revealed that the current division of fine harassing phone calls, has formed a complete industrial chain. Some of the so-called high-tech software companies to develop the system, which can batch outbound, can automatic voice group call, can arbitrarily change the calling number, to telephone harassment; some local telecom operators in the pursuit of profit, the abuse of transmission technology, sale channel to help criminals set up call center, provide switches to support, encourage more the arrogance of telephone harassment. Some media reports, behind this black interests chain, each call 1 minutes, operators can get a gain of five or six cents. Against harassing phone calls, can not do without the initiative of telecommunications operators. For individual local operators to participate in the telephone harassment industry chain profit problem, operators should strictly headquarters industry norms, regularly carry out network security clearance within the census, an evil member of the herd. On the sale of the sale of the common harassing phone number section of the agent of the business, and effectively assume the responsibility of supervision, the number of electrical sources, the number issued, qualification examination相关的主题文章:

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