Ningbo University student marathon gold 1 months the highest income more than 20 thousand

Ningbo University student marathon gold 1 months the highest income of more than 20 thousand Wilfred’s father was a farmer, there are 5 sisters in the family, the family burden is very heavy. Today, by continuing to participate in the marathon, Wilfred is not only able to pay 2500 yuan per year, the dormitory fees and living expenses, but also have the balance back home in Kenya. Wilfred told reporters, when the market is good, the marathon bonuses a month can be accounted for nearly twenty thousand yuan, to help his family has become an important source of income. But let Wilfred feel the pressure is, as the marathon continues to heat up in China, gave birth to more marathon brokers, the attendant is more "Black Whirlwind" to Chinese game. He admitted that some brokerage firms attract a lot of professional marathoner, mainly in Kenya, Ethiopia’s, Philippines also has other Asian players. China Marathon website October 31st statistics show that in 2016, China’s marathon registered events up to 294 games. The African champion champion, has become the norm in many Chinese marathon race. In Wilfred’s view, Chinese marathon competition intensifies, more and more African players to undercut, even if it is held in the county-level city marathon, also can see many familiar faces of Africa "". Wilfred said, now, it is not easy to get bonuses, and now I insist on running every day for two hours, in order to maintain a good state."相关的主题文章:

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