Nigeria crude oil supply to return to future production or further recovery shiyang

Nigeria back to the future supply of crude oil production or further recovery of FX168 financial news newspaper (Hongkong) by the government of Nigeria and militants to reach a ceasefire agreement, making some yield can be restored, the country’s crude oil production reached 1 million 750 thousand barrels per day, and the future will maintain a rising trend. Nigeria’s oil minister Emmanuel Kachikwu on Monday (September 19th) at a meeting of the government’s economic management team, said the ceasefire with the local military leaders have a positive impact on production. Nigeria’s crude oil output is expected to reach 1 million 800 thousand barrels a day next month. When the vast majority of export terminals to resume operations, in December this year, production will return to 2 million barrels a day. (Nigeria oil production source: FX168 financial network) in May this year, due to the continuous oil facilities have been armed attacks, the lowest level of Nigeria crude oil production fell to 1 million 400 thousand barrels per day in 27 years. However, the current Nigeria government has resumed payments to some organizations, while also trying to remain in contact with the militants in the Niger delta oil pipeline and platform. Last month, Kachikwu had a pessimistic view of the country’s crude oil production, he had expected this year, Nigeria crude oil production may not exceed 1 million 500 thousand barrels a day. This month, Nigeria’s crude oil exports from the antecedents of force majeure and once stagnant state recovery. September 6th Royal Holland Shell (Royal Dutch Shell Plc) lifted restrictions on Bonny light crude oil exports. Meanwhile, according to sources in September 14th, Corp. (xxon Mobil) is also ready to resume its crude oil exports Qua Iboe terminal. Proof reading: Luther相关的主题文章:

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