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National Highway 318 line in Luding caused by traffic accident motorcycle driver alighted deep groove (Figure) for firefighters trapped on the motorcycle driver to rescue Sichuan news network Chengdu on November 5th news (reporter Liang Peng Li Heng Li Shiling) today (5) morning at about 11, 318 National Highway Ganzi (micro-blog) a traffic accident happened in Luding County Ditch Bridge of poaching Ya’an (micro-blog), a licensed tanker and a motorcycle collision, causing the motorcycle driver flew down deep, missing. After the local fire department received the alarm, immediately rushed to the scene for rescue. 10 minutes later, the rescue force arrived at the scene of the accident, firefighters immediately in-depth search and rescue incident. After more than 20 minutes of carpet search, firefighters eventually found injured people in a miscellaneous tree. After preliminary examination, the driver’s leg injury was serious and the consciousness was clear, but the internal injury was not ruled out. In order to prevent two injuries to the driver during the rescue, firefighters take the stretcher and rope to take a drop off method to rescue the injured driver. After rescue team members, on-site police and the masses of the joint efforts, the injured were successfully rescued, temporarily out of danger, from the scene of 120 medical personnel rushed to hospital for treatment. At present, the cause of the accident related departments are under further investigation. Editor’s note: this video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading, high-speed truck off the white board after the car suffer

国道318线泸定境内车祸 致摩托车司机飞落深沟(图)图为消防队员正对被困摩托车驾驶员进行救援四川新闻网成都11月5日讯 (李恒 李世灵 记者 梁鹏)今(5)日上午11点左右,318国道甘孜(微博)州泸定县挖角沟大桥处发生一起车祸,一辆雅安(微博)牌照的罐车与一辆摩托车对撞,造成摩托车驾驶员飞落深沟,不知所踪。当地消防部门接到报警后立即赶赴现场进行施救。10分钟后,救援力量抵达事故现场,消防队员立即深入事发地展开搜救。经过20多分钟的地毯式搜索,消防队员最终在一处杂树丛中发现受伤人员。经初步检查,驾驶员腿部受伤严重,意识较清晰,但不排除内伤的情况。为防止救援时对驾驶员造成二次伤害,消防队员利用担架和绳索采取一点掉的方法对受伤驾驶员就行救援。经过救援队员、现场民警与群众的共同努力,受伤人员被成功救下,暂时脱离危险,由现场120医护人员送往医院进行救治。目前,该起事故原因相关部门正在进一步调查中。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 高速上货车飞落 白板后车遭殃相关的主题文章:

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