Nanjing’s new mortgage rules no housing mortgage record for the lowest Shoufu 50% winlinez

Nanjing’s new mortgage rules: no housing mortgage record minimum down payment of 50% China securities network with the National Day period have been introduced over the purchase of the policy, the financial sector is also gradually catch up with the action. 13, the people’s Bank of Nanjing business management department news release, on the 10 day after the bank called the financial institutions within the jurisdiction of the housing mortgage loans held a briefing to determine the proportion of down payment and interest rate. In the case of a suite to pay off, and then buy commercial housing, loan interest rates can be based on the benchmark interest rate hit thirty percent off. According to Xinhua Daily reported on October 14th, in accordance with the new mortgage rules, can enjoy preferential benchmark interest rate of thirty percent off is mainly the following situations: no room no mortgage record, the lowest Shoufu 30%; but no real mortgage has been settled, the lowest Shoufu 50%; has a suite, and no mortgage record, the lowest Shoufu 50%; has a suite of mortgage and has been settled, the minimum down payment of 50%. If you have a suite, and the loan is not settled, the minimum down payment of 80%, the interest rate on the basis of the benchmark lending rates go up by 10%. Nanjing, the people’s Bank of China, said the Ministry of human resources and management, the thirty percent off interest rate policy discount rate is lower than the previous policy, the current mortgage interest rates have been market-oriented, specifically determined by the banking institutions independently. Currently on the market the first suite of mortgage interest rates more than the implementation of the benchmark interest rate 9-9.5 discount, because the loan interest rate has been at a historic low level, therefore, considered from the angle of bank profitability, thirty percent off is the only policy requirements, the actual implementation of the possibility is very small. According to the 2 million yuan loan, loan matching interest over 30 years, the interest rate discounts of ten percent off compared to the floating 10%, can save 1191 yuan for each month.相关的主题文章:

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