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Nanjing network about cars rules: the strict hukou restrictions in   the need for local car license — Jiangsu channel — original title: Nanjing rules promulgated after about the car is not strict hukou restrictions but needs the local car license data for national day, with all traffic management departments have issued new rules about the car network, such as the north deep other places caused no small waves of public opinion. Although the rules are more or less there are some disputes, but overall, the network is about to move toward the direction of standardization. According to the policy of a city concept, following Hangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing network rules about the car this afternoon officially announced the draft. Compared with the previous several cities introduced the relevant rules, Nanjing rules and Hangzhou closer. The driver for controversial household registration, models using flexible measures, for example, Nanjing domicile or residence permit can apply to get the local network about cars; secondly, fuel vehicle wheelbase 2700 mm or more, and the engine power reached 108 kilowatts and above. The new energy vehicle wheelbase 2650 mm or more, including pure electric car mileage of 150 km, plug style (with additional program) hybrid vehicles pure electric state mileage of 50 km. In addition, the vehicle must be installed in the GPS and the image of the car and emergency alarm device, the nature of the vehicle registration for the appointment of rental passenger. Whether the vehicle license plate after concern is limited to local traffic, and the traffic control department official said, in principle, foreign licenses are not allowed to participate in the local network about the car market operation. This is not only the need to protect the level of passenger protection services, but also the inevitable requirement of orderly maintenance of urban traffic. The intersection of reporters to help you out of the "Nanjing city taxi booking network management approach (Trial)" for key draft: Seventh [] the vehicle conditions in this city in the net about car business vehicles, shall comply with the following conditions: (a) passenger cars in the city public security traffic management departments registered the seven seat and the following, and for the initial registration to obtain the "vehicle license" from the date of not more than two years; (two) the fuel vehicle wheelbase reached two thousand and seven hundred mm or more, and the engine power reached one hundred and eight kilowatts and above. The new energy vehicle wheelbase reached two thousand six hundred and fifty mm or more, including pure electric car mileage of one hundred and fifty km, plug-in (including by program) hybrid vehicles under the condition of pure electric mileage of fifty km; (three) ABS vehicle equipped with anti lock braking system, the braking force distribution system, traction control system, brake assist system and vehicle electronic stability control system security configuration; (four) the installation device has a vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, with image taking function in the vehicle and emergency alarm device; (five) the nature of the use of vehicles for taxi booking registration. Eighth [vehicle license] intends to engage in the network about the vehicle operation of the vehicle, by its owner or network about the car platform company in accordance with the provisions of the city’s transport administrative departments to apply. City delivery相关的主题文章:

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