Nanjing Jiangning district will invest 2 billion renovation, the Qinhuai River outport River lara fabian

Nanjing Jiangning district will invest 2 billion renovation in the Qinhuai River, Waigang River Yangzi Evening News (reporter Jiao Zhe) reporter recently learned from the Jiangning district government of the Qinhuai River, "two rivers" outport River remediation work has officially started, Jiangning district will invest about 2000000000 yuan in the next 3 years, in the Qinhuai River, the implementation of standards, water conservancy and outport river ecological landscape, enhance commercial leisure, cultural heritage and other four projects. Among them, the demonstration section of 4 km will meet with the public before the end of this year. "The mother river" to the development of the Qinhuai River, outport River are important river in Jiangning province. Among them, Nanjing is the mother river of the Qinhuai River north and south two sources: Jurong River, the Lishui River in the northwest village in Jiangning District of Fangshan Dai merged into the Qinhuai River River, to the northwest to the outer gate square from the East water gate into the city of Nanjing. The Qinhuai River Jiangning section of the Jiangning Development Zone, the new park, the main city of Dongshan, Jiangning is also a veritable "mother river". The territory of Jiangning, the Qinhuai River, from the general road to the opening of the new section of Shuanglong Avenue River, also known as the Qinhuai New River road to Affirmative; Ssangyong avenue for the the Qinhuai River line, called the Qinhuai River. Qinhuai River design is the "two rivers" remediation projects in about 20 kilometers, the new Qinhuai river about 4.5 km, 15.5 km Qinhuai River, river width is about 100 – 150 meters, a total of more than 10 bridges across the river and the Qinhuai River; and the outer harbor of a cross, east of gold near the road, Tai Road West Sheng near the Qinhuai River and the phase. Outport River 80 meters at its widest point, the narrowest point only 6 – 8 meters. Regulation and implementation of "four major projects" it is understood that the implementation of remediation in coastal water conservancy engineering, landscape ecological engineering standards, enhance the commercial leisure engineering, cultural heritage and other four projects, solve the sewage problem, on both sides of the river channel flood reinforcement function, and promote cross-strait environment, additional leisure facilities. In the the Qinhuai River River, the construction personnel will carry on dike heightening, widening of city flood in accordance with the standards, to ensure that the river meets the requirements of the implementation of city flood control and drainage; on both sides of the river gardens, greening engineering construction, the establishment of coastal ecosystem, improve the ecological quality; construction along the river road and park, plaza and other facilities; dig the Jiangning section of the Qinhuai River culture. The high standard of the use of cultural elements, the cultural heritage of Qinhuai. The outer river comprehensive renovation project involving Zhushan bridge to Tianyuan road section, because this section belongs to the seasonal flood channel, the renovation process will focus on the implementation of channel widening, enhance the function of flood control. At the end of the 4 km demonstration section because most of the river as the boundary line of the town streets, so most of the construction of the city was back River development. With Jiangning in recent years, the rapid development of city construction, the development of waterfront city functions, administrative boundaries suture development mode is imperative." The relevant departments responsible person said, "two rivers" construction goal is to build Jiangning into a new cultural city waterfront city living room, living room will design Creative Cultural District, District, Urban Gateway Image sports area, leisure area, country health district five functional areas. It is reported that the new river in Qinhuai due to the NanJing South Railway Station, will be built into the portal image area. The Qinhuai River demonstration zone is expected to be 4 km at the end of this year to see the image, all rectification work is expected to be completed in the past 3 years.相关的主题文章:

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