Men’s letter master stocks lose millions of Hubei destroyed large fraud Gang crycry

Men’s letter "master stocks lose millions of Hubei destroyed large fraud Gang police arrested several suspects, seized a large number of tools of crime. (the picture provided by the police) telecommunications fraud sites like formal IT company. (photo provided by the police) on September 22nd, the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau announced the detection of large telecommunications network fraud case. 204 policemen take the 6 bus south of Guangdong, the fictitious commodity futures trade crime gang, arresting 132 suspects. This is the Hubei police for telecommunications fraud, dispatched a police arrest or most. Listen to "fry master" fried oil and Jingzhou’s deficit million in February 25th this year, the people of Jingzhou by Deng Moumou white Formica netizen "drizzle fragrance" invitation to join a "stock market master" QQ group. The main daily Tang Moumou in the group recommended stocks, and stocks to live video. After a period of time, Tang Moumou began in the group to send fried crude oil profitable earnings screenshot information, saying that in the last year to make a crude oil fried Tiger road. Under the lure of Tang Moumou, Deng Moumou on April 25th in an exchange of crude oil spot trading platform to register an account, in accordance with the guidance of Tang Moumou trading operations, have earned a loss, but the amount is not. In mid May, Tang Moumou claimed that there will be a big market to come, Deng Moumou who joined its "Wynn corps", and ensure to double, but the premise is to account for $1 million. After the previous exchange, Deng Moumou Tang Moumou has been very confident, they raise money, into the account of 1 million yuan. However, the money invested less than half a month, then in the Tang Moumou "to" under the guidance of There is not much left. kuide. Deng Moumou hurried to Jingzhou city as if wakening from a dream, the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment report. After the loss of Investment Commission Commission spot fraud surfaced after receiving the alarm, Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau found that the case is significant. Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau deputy mayor Huang Tingsong, appointed by the Honghu Municipal Public Security Bureau of investigation, and set up by the vice mayor of Honghu City Public Security Bureau, headed Fan Liping, other members of the Party committee deputy head related police responsible for human members of the "7.05 project" command leadership team. The ad hoc police through the investigation found that the area of Tang Moumou often activitiesplace in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, Huangpu District, Tang Moumou et al have associated "hengmeng investment", "noble investment", "noble electronic" 3 companies, the person in charge of Cao Yibin, Li Tao, Hou Xiao Si 3 cross any of the 3 companies. After field investigation, the 3 companies have a large number of employees using the network for spot operations. Accordingly, the preliminary judgment of the 3 police officers are likely to be engaged in spot trading fraud. At the same time, the police through the investigation found that the flow of funds, Deng Moumou oil trading platform is an exchange, and the application is an account of a commodity trading Co., ltd.. Its mode of operation is to provide a platform for the use of a member of the exchange to the right to use a certain percentage of the transaction fee commission. Members pay a deposit to an exchange prior to the use of the platform. If the customer losses, then returned in full to the members; if the customer profitability, then deduct the corresponding amount after the margin. The member is induced by the loss of customers through trader operation. Deng Moumou because of trust.相关的主题文章:

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