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Business Currently the director and partner to the Signature Group, Arun Panchariya is an adviser to the FF L (Falcon Fund Limited) having experience in a number of investment markets. His experience stretches over 20 years in entrepreneurship, trading and industry. His unwavering ties with the debt providers are a proper way of streamlining business consultancy. Arun Panchariya has been awarded a number of accolades to celebrate his contributions both in Asian and British business worlds. He was awarded the "Asian Banker of the Year 2010" in London by one Ms. Cherie Blair. He was also honored with a "business Person of 2010" award during the eleventh AAA (Asian Achievers Awards) that was hosted at the Wembley Stadium. Having spent his early employment career in the textile industry, he possesses great skills in dealing with the suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and traders in the industry. He once became the director and organized the fundraising that enabled him have a clear perspective of what working capital entailed. His banking expertise started with the Kuber Cooperative Bank after the decline of the textile manufacturing industry as a CEO in the year 1999. During this time, he mastered the housing loans, bank policies, .mercial banking, retail banking and the trade financing. His attendance to the numerous seminars was a .plete updating to the current business networking and management. His trip to the UAE was an eye-opener to his .modity Trading as it led to the establishment of the Vintage FZE that initially traded in .puter software and hardware, copper scrap and foodstuffs. This grew his trading to a stunning US$ 141M back from a US$ 1.3M. This led to his retirement from the Kuber Cooperative Bank to concentrate on his business. Having started the Pan Asia Advisory in the year 2006, Arun Panchariya was an advisory to the largely Private Equity, debt funding and many international cooperates that needed financial services. For his advice, many merging and acquisition cooperates benefited in the listings and stock exchanges. Being the president of the Euram Bank Asia Limited, that was a joint venture that resulted from the merging of Euram Bank in Vienna and the Pan Asia Advisory he sealed a US$ 3 billion oil and gas deal with the Malaysian industrial park not f.etting the coal mining and oil refinery in the Australian, African and Asian continents. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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