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Liu Shiyu " five to " the main market will be stable or feedback – Sohu securities last weekend, the Commission issued a reorganization of the new deal, from the policy perspective, in the suppression of fried shell at the same time, will be mergers and acquisitions continue to support the real economy of the normal connection. In addition, the Commission will support enterprises in poor areas IPO, enjoy the green channel. Liu Shiyu, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission to attend the seventh meeting of the Shanghai stock exchange, stressed the need to firmly grasp the "adhere to the" five, in particular, adhere to the fundamental purpose of serving the real economy development". This week is the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, only 3 trading days, and no issue of new shares, the funds are expected to control the smooth surface. Analysts believe that, in the context of the global stock index callback, macro data release, the valuation is expected to narrow range, there will not be too obvious direction of choice. Liu Shiyu attended the general meeting of the Shanghai Stock Exchange stressed firmly grasp the five insisted on the Shanghai stock exchange, the seventh General Assembly held in Shanghai on September 10th. China Securities Regulatory Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Liu Shiyu in his speech stressed that the securities institutions shall keep good intermediary duty, assume the responsibilities, adhere to compliance and risk control the bottom line, to participate in the exchange market construction, and actively cultivate new culture of the securities industry (300336), to serve the real economy as a whole, and jointly promote the healthy development of the industry. Liu Shiyu stressed that the capital market should firmly grasp the "Five Principles", adhere to the important concept of law, strict and comprehensive supervision, hold the bottom line of systemic risk does not occur, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors in a prominent position, adhere to market-oriented reform, the rule of law and international efforts to enhance international competitiveness. The fundamental purpose of the capital market, adhere to service economic development entities. The stock exchange to effectively play the statutory functions and duties, become the efficient allocation of resources to secure platform, become the securities market regulation as the first line of defense, the transformation and upgrading of the real economy booster, improve the governance structure of exchanges, the membership system implemented. I hope the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the securities institutions to the members of the General Assembly held as an opportunity to further unify their thinking, build consensus, homing diligence, courage to play, grasp the key task, work together to foster transparency, long-term stable and healthy development of the capital market. Macro data will be released: monetary investment and fixed asset investment fundamentals of concern, this week, a major focus of attention is the disclosure of macroeconomic data in August. The recent stock market continued to narrow shocks, down dilemma, long-term consolidation may make the direction of choice, economic data or important factors influencing the trend. In September 12th August, M1 M2, the growth rate of new RMB loans, the scale of social financing growth disclosure; September 13th, August fixed asset investment growth, the growth rate of industrial added value and total retail sales of social consumer goods and other data released in September 14th, August; electricity consumption. Guotai Junan that, since the shift of economic growth, the growth rate of fixed asset investment has declined very strong inertia, but PPP accelerated infrastructure funding difficulties eased, fixed asset investment might slow the rate of decline,;相关的主题文章:

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