Liu Haihui’s life…

The wrong cut Liu Haihui’s life… – Sohu bangs though accounted for only a small part of the hair, but to face the transformation of the role is not cosmetic surgery. Today, we refer to Verilymag summed up the different shapes and lengths for different faces of the bangs, come. NO.1 pear shaped face long Qi Liu also called a pear shaped face is triangular face, is characterized by prominent jaw, forehead is narrow, in order to highlight the modified gills, natural hair can shoulder part can be cut into bangs, down a thin layer. Pear shaped face the best bang bang cut the length of such a narrow forehead on the vision is not so obvious! 1 Kelly Osbourne 2 reference artist Michelle Chen NO.2 heart-shaped face side long bangs heart-shaped face and triangle girls face, facial lines more obvious, a wide forehead, chin slightly narrow, in order to make the forehead looks not so big, can choose the long side bangs elongated face. Short bangs why not? Inverted triangular cheeks and cheekbones are more prominent, short bangs will make the face look bigger. Reference 1 artist Kunling 2 Chloë Grace Moretz NO.3 oval side bangs short oval face and oval face, is a relatively common face, basically can handle all of the bangs, can have a harmonious effect. But if you want the whole face contour is more perfect, can choose short oblique bangs, her beautiful cheeks and forehead lines a little, let face look more three-dimensional. 1 Jessica Alba 2 Taylor reference artist Swift NO.4 Bo Liuhai square face square face has obvious jaw width and forehead, chin is relatively short, similar in shape to reduce excessive edges, contour shape round, can cut the width of bangs to sum the cheeks slightly thin, soft effect at. But the great length should not be too short or too long, too long bangs make large forehead exposed, chin looks very short; too short will make the cheek bone is more obvious. Not long short short bangs to change the face of the visual effect is very effective. The artist Sun Li Li Yuchun NO.5 2 reference 1 bangs long face long face close girl face looks too easy slim, especially to avoid exposing the forehead bangs and choice points, it will make the face more narrow longer and more old-fashioned. Long face girl can try to cut bangs, would make sense from the cheek swelling into a concave, closer to the perfect face. Reference artist Wang Luodan 2 Song Qianduo 1相关的主题文章:

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