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Japanese media said that the decline in investment performance of American companies in China cautious attitude: data: Lianyungang port coal terminal, workers in the transfer of coal power. Xinhua News Agency (Geng Yuhe photo)   Japanese media said, according to the American Chamber of Commerce China released "2016 annual China business environment survey report" shows that in 2015 Chinese answer business income less than the previous year American enterprises reached 23%, over the past 5 years is the most of the year. Especially in the industrial and resource industries, 47% of the enterprises’ income declined. Although 60% American companies still locate China as an important market, they are increasingly cautious about expanding investment in the future due to the impact of economic slowdown and cost increase. According to "Japan economic news" website reported on February 16th, the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce in China to carry out business of about 500 enterprises as the object of investigation. In 2015, the proportion of enterprises with year-on-year revenue growth in China accounted for 55%, compared with 81% in 2011. According to the industry observation, revenue growth of enterprises, service industry reached 65%, while the industry and resources industry is only 37%, showing sluggish performance. Reported that, in terms of profitability, there are still 64% of U.S. companies to achieve profitability, but compared with 73% in 2014 and 76% in 2011, compared to reduce. 22% of the enterprises that answered the profit rate below the overall profit margin of China’s business accounted for 35%, which exceeded the number of enterprises which were higher than the whole. Reported that the U.S. corporate performance in China because of different industries and different. James, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce China moreman said the analysis, American enterprises belong to personal consumption and service industry is strong, and belongs to the traditional industry of American business is struggling. He also pointed out that American companies will continue to invest in China in the future, but they may need to be more careful. 日媒称美国企业在中国业绩下滑 投资态度趋谨慎 资料图:连云港港口煤炭码头,工人在加紧转运电煤。新华社发(耿玉和 摄)     日媒称,据中国美国商会发布的《2016年度中国商务环境调查报告》显示,回答2015年中国业务的收入比上年减少的美国企业达到 23%,是过去5年中最多的一年。尤其是在工业和资源行业,47%的企业收入下降。虽然六成美国企业仍将中国定位为重要市场,但受经济减速和成本提高的影 响,对今后扩大投资日趋持慎重态度。   据《日本经济新闻》网站2月16日报道,中国美国商会以在中国开展业务的约500家企业为对象进行了调查。2015年在华收入实现同比增长的企业占55%,与2011年的81%相比出现减少。按行业观察实现收入增长的企业,服务业达到65%,而工业和资源行业仅为37%,明显表现低迷。   报道称,在盈利方面,依然有64%的美国企业实现盈利,但与2014年的73%和2011年的76%相比出现减少。   回答中国业务的利润率低于公司整体利润率的企业占35%,超过了“高于整体”(22%)的企业数量。   报道称,美国企业在华业绩因产业领域不同而明显不同。中国美国商会主席詹姆斯・吉莫曼分析称,属于个人消费和服务产业的美国企业表现强劲,而属于传统产业的美国企业则陷入苦战。他同时指出,美国企业今后仍将对中国进行投资,但可能需要更加精打细算了。相关的主题文章:

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