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Is it true? Japanese media: Japan is a major country of sexual violence believe that many of the old drivers have an in-depth understanding of the fan. However, these works are, after all, the two dimensional fiction, so they do not give us moral pressure. But recently Japanese media said: Japan is actually a violent personality power, every year at least 70 thousand people become victims. You may find it hard to believe. But Japan is a hidden super sexual violence heaven. Each year, more than 1400 incidents are reported, which means that there are about more than and 100 incidents of sexual violence every month. Surprisingly, this data is only 17% of the actual event. This also means that 83% of cases have not been notified. As a result, the number of people suffering from sexual violence in Japan is as high as 70 thousand per year. So why is it so? I think there’s a reason: sexual violence in Japan belongs to the category of "crimes", which means the victim must alarm, and in great pressure conditions, with all kinds of police investigation. And many police officers will ask, "are you really not volunteering?" "In this process you do not cooperate?" And so on. Sounds reasonable, but in the face of male violence, women tend to obey only, in this case, in order to protect the life and make cooperation with the behavior itself is not surprising. In fact, I have an interview, some women because of despair of the police investigation, so take the initiative to require revocation of this case, and then hopefully in the next life to forget their misery. However, in this way, the Japanese will become what? In this regard, many Japanese friends commented: see this data, I think it is really terrible ah……" "Did not expect that the story is true?" "Or let your desire to vent in the two dimension, do not cause harm to women." So on this report, you are how to look at anime fans?相关的主题文章:

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