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Investment express] IT orange November 15th included 27 investment acquisitions – Sohu technology content of this article comes from IT orange daily risk investment courier public account. More visible IT orange master investment data content of the plate, the global Internet industry investment and financing mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions. – domestic events – 1 popular monkey group SoReal by Lenovo venture capital investment strategy when the monkey group is a VR based on AR technology, providing comprehensive entertainment immersive social entertainment experience. Its content production, technology research and development, operation and management, investment and construction, brand design and IP licensing five plates. Recently, the popular monkey group SoReal by Lenovo venture capital investment strategy. 2 people rent machine completed 8 million yuan in the first round of financing that rent machine is based on a geographic location with photocopiers, printers and fax machines for customers, one machine and other equipment leasing solution precision service platform, is committed to taking lease and tenants to build a communication platform. Recently, the first round of 8 million yuan to complete the rental machine. 3 good rent. Hundreds of millions of dollars B round of financing to rent house is a commercial office rental market by O2O platform, 58 independent incubator, to provide office space, office rental service. Beijing good rent Technology Development Co., ltd.. Recently, a good rental network of hundreds of millions of dollars B round of financing, from the birth of the yuan capital investment, pleasure capital with investment. 4 Best on Sell won the million Angel round of financing is a Best on Sell based on the wedding platform for cross-border electricity supplier overseas positions, the calculation of electricity supplier data were analyzed by using the cloud, the establishment of overseas positions, focus on the wedding dress, which belongs to Suzhou Tuochuang Zhitong supply chain management company limited. Recently, Best on Sell million Angel round of financing. 5 fast plastic net received 350 million yuan B+ round of financing fast plastic net is a rubber B2B business platform, as the core of the downstream industry chain integration technology driven, through self match, consignment model, covering the high added value, hundreds of thousands of SKU special products, the establishment of Internet plus information flow, logistics, supply Internet plus Internet plus the chain of financial service system for customers, to create a large chemical ecological system SaaS enterprise based on service. Recently, fast plastic net received 350 million yuan B+ round of financing, the cornerstone of the capital lead investor, Han Fu capital, capital investment, Hengtai with extension. 6 New Oriental net three new board listed New Oriental online is the online education website specialized in New Oriental, the course covers examination abroad, domestic examination, occupation education, English learning, multiple languages, K12 and other 6 categories of education. Recently, the New Oriental Network officially listed on the new board. 7 music as a vehicle for $600 million financing as the music is the music as the group’s automotive business sector, the main product for the LeSEE music as a super car. Recently, as the car was $600 million financing, the investor is LETV holdings founder Jia Yueting in the Yangtze River business school the number of students, including Hengxing group, Hailanjituan, Chengxin group相关的主题文章:

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