Inventory does not buy a car after reading these ten reasons you will buy it

Check ten reasons not to buy a car for a reading of these you will buy you a house and a car, seems to have become the symbol of "marry and settle down.". However, for young people, the value of the house is too high, with their own economic strength, a half may not reach, and the car is also necessary to buy it? Xiaobian summed up the following 10 reasons not to buy a car, after you might need to rethink: 1, the car is the car is the biggest purchase of goods consumable value after the house. But the car is expendable, since you buy that day, it began to fall, this is the biggest difference between him and the house. A 200 thousand car, the value may be less than 10 years after the 20 thousand, the depreciation rate is amazing. 2, driving is a positive or negative income? In big cities, without exception, there is a common problem that is "traffic jam", no traffic jam you are embarrassed to say that he is a line. If you encounter a completely bet on the way, and may not want to leave, it is really a lot of botch things. Driving to you, is it positive or negative? 3. Public transportation is becoming more and more convenient and public transportation is becoming more and more convenient. To Shanghai as an example, to optimize the existing bus lines, thousands, and bus priority right, exclusive Road, even immediately and BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) train. Of course, the most convenient and accessible subway system. Currently, the average speed of a second tier cities on the peak of about h or so, only about 10-20km, while the average speed of the subway at around 40-50km h, driving with the subway, the subway is faster than most of the time there is no doubt. In addition, now share the economic development more and more fire, like the recent rise of v-mobile bicycle, OFO bike sharing these, to help solve a lot of the last mile problem, can say for more convenient. 4, don’t drive can do many things like 40 minutes to go to work, not long nor too short, spend 30 minutes in the subway, you can use the WiFi, you can also listen to the radio, watch the news, or even talk about work, but you can only listen to the radio to drive. If you are lucky, you can take a seat and make a little sleep. 5, city parking fee is too expensive to drive people most clearly, big city parking fees are expensive. The movie downtown shopping mall will be three hours, fifty or sixty yuan parking fees, it is robbery. 6, it is not easy to find a parking parking very worried. Do not charge parking fees, find a car very worried! Maybe no one stopped at the roadside a few minutes, the police uncle to take care of, then do not pay or humble in serving a master roll…… 7, a variety of taxi, car rental service, not too convenient! Now, these drops Uber carpool, taxi software so much, a taxi is very convenient. If you want to travel holiday weaknesses, you can also go to car rental, car selection is also a lot, but also not expensive. 8, the formation of health risks in cars in a car, if things go on like this, will let the human leg muscles lack of exercise, premature aging. 9, the symbolic function of the wealth of a lot of people to buy a car, in addition to ease of travel, but also because of the relationship between the face, more or less, the car is still a symbol of wealth in china. But in the future, the function of the wealth symbol will be weakened, and may even be;相关的主题文章:

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