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Computers-and-Technology As a business head, you need to ensure that there are good computer security practices in place in your organization that makes full use of such powerful RDBMS features. You can work in association with tech help experts in an online information technology forum for prevailing security checks and audit. You should make sure that RMAN feature is faithfully implemented in your computer data processing while working on Oracle RDBMS. Make sure that your database application uses RMAN right from enabling it properly to making full use of available features during entire data processing period. Do not let outdated Perl scripts to perform work that can be done pretty smartly by RMAN. RMAN is no more an optional tool as it was once thought by many DBA experts during first launch of RMAN feature in Oracle 8. Now, you need to leverage its full use on Oracle 11g. It is a powerful backup programming technique which is called by many DBA experts as fifth generation computer language for emerging database technology. RMAN has many powerful techniques that you can count on for data security and backup. Your information technology forum may be one additional source of your knowhow in the world of RDBMS and latest backup technologies such as RMAN. As an Oracle database administrator, you can no more afford to lose your system, undo or data tablespaces, redo logs, control file, or any of your parameter file. Though the latter two can be re-created, the control file explicitly, and the parameter file from the alert log, but it will be a nightmare in many cases. This is especially so if you have complex configuration. You then have to resort to mining your alert log for configuration changes. If some proactive system administrator has rotated your alert log for you, then you may not even have any trace of your parameters or changes dating back many months. As a starter, make sure that RMAN feature in your database is enabled for your technical support . You need to enable it before availing its utility for your data backup. The autoback option that you will have using RMAN has many innovative features. It takes care of both your parameter files as well as control files. It does so not only during periodic backups but also more importantly as changes take place in your files on real time basis. Oracle instances which run for months or years are prone to losing configuration history. This is especially since Oracle 9i introduced the dynamic parameter file (spfile). You would definitely not like wasting hours in a disaster recovery trying to hurriedly recreate complex Data Guard and large SGA configuration parameter file, while your client is on the phone asking you why his database is not back up and running? Such embarrassing situations should never occur. It is like telling him that everything is fine and you are working on it, but you forgot the password to access the tape server. Instead of blaming and counter-blaming, it makes sense to plan your workings right now. Make sure that adequate systems are put in place for safe and secure database management. Make sure that full understanding of init.ora and other basic features are clear to administrators. You cannot afford to approach your RDBMS that stores critical business information to be handled by rookies. With powerful RDBMS like Oracle database, you need to implement powerful security measures that already come with it. Losing data is something you cannot afford in a production disaster, and wasting time on easy things is inexcusable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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