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Indian media said the boycott Chinese childish hawkers: no Chinese goods goods Festival – dim Beijing Reference News Network November 5th U.S. media reported that October 30th is the festival of Diwali in India once a year, this is one of the biggest festival in India, and its importance is equivalent to the Spring Festival China. During the holiday for 5 days, the people of India are in the window every family lights hanging outside the window, the new decoration with Hindu style in interior layout, we will wear new clothes, setting off firecrackers in the street, and with the auspicious gift in relatives sent. However, on the eve of Diwali this year, the India social media launched a "boycott Chinese" campaign, called for consumers not to buy any goods China manufacturing, replaced by India native products. According to voice of America radio website reported on November 2nd, in the city of Calcutta, a member of a Hindu organization even held in the street protests Chinese burned goods, although the burned in commodity only 200 pieces of lamps and small electronic devices, but still in the India media, get a promotion, and had a certain sedition the effect of consumers in India. This "boycott China" campaign in the state of India is not the same, in accordance with the "India times" (The Times of India) estimation, home – Gujarat — India’s prime minister Modi is involved in the activities of the most important areas, China local manufacturing goods sales fell about 50% over last year over the same period. Modi said that although there is no direct to "resist" the motion of the support, but also hope that more people talking in public support "products". "The India times" is expected to "resist" movement in the rural areas, where people rarely use social media, and in Mumbai, New Delhi and other big city, China product sales will be 20% to 30% of the decline. However, the reporter visited the city of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, Diwali is still selling the product container manufacturing products of the mainstream China. Lucknow (Lucknow) city peddlers Shukla (Shukla) showed his stall lights to the reporter, "are Chinese production," he said, "these lamps production is produced in India Chinese prices of similar goods 1/4." India’s "economic times" (The Economic Times) for several days the posting said, "boycott the biggest victim China campaign will not China but India manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, because these businesses in India as early as three months ago from the China purchase. Narayan, chairman of an industry association in India (Sat Narayan) complained to the media: "Chinese products not only have the price advantage, but the variety. We had to find the local alternative products, however, since the start of Diwali goods import products in India 10 years ago, many manufacturers have not produced, where to find alternative products?" Schukra told reporters that some businesses in town "China" label is covered "made in India" or "made in Japan" stickers, "but this is self deception, said.相关的主题文章:

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