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The Ministry of culture is facing a crisis after the earthquake in the Church of San Salvador murals murals damaged in the earthquake in Italy in fifteenth Century. A series of earthquakes in eastern Italy Campi di Norcia San Salvador (San Salvatore) the church collapsed, this is located in the Umbria region (Umbria) has many buildings in fifteenth Century by Giovanni Sparapane and Antonio Sparapane exquisite mural creation. According to "Art News" reported that in October 29th occurred in the vicinity of the city of Marche Visso two, respectively, the 5.4 earthquake destroyed a series of cultural relics. The murals in the Church of San Salvador after the earthquake. 2 "Tuscany and Umbria region" (The Rough Guide to for Tuscany and Umbria) a book which described San Salvador as "beautiful Rome church architecture with double face…… Covered with beautiful murals. "Now that the church is in ruins, the news channel of Italy, RaiNews24, captures the dramatic collapse. In August this year, the earthquake let the church cloth crack, after the church was closed. The quake was 6.2, killing more than 295 people. After this tragic incident, the Ministry of culture will be forced to affected areas of the 1200 works, it will be stored in the Lazio Cittaducale. After the recent disaster, it is said that Dario Dario Franceschini, the Franceschini, will appoint an official to manage the aftermath of the area. The Campi di Norcia Church in San Salvador collapsed, RaiNews24 were on the scene. Picture: YouTube screenshot in addition to the Church of San Salvador, the earthquake also serious damage to the Plessi wall (Preci) near the city of Basilica of Sant rose windows’ Eutizio church, also led to Carme Rino (Camerino), Santa Maria in Via church tower collapsed. After the disaster, 80% of the houses in the town were damaged to the extent that they could not continue to live, but the surprise was that the quake did not cause death. After the disaster, Italy Research Center (National Institute volcano geology and of Geophysics and Volcanology) is to survey hundreds of aftershocks, experts believe that the geological activity will continue for several weeks or even months. Before the collapse of Campi di Norcia Church in San Salvador. Image: Courtesy of Norcia.相关的主题文章:

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