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Blogging-Rss First wrong activity, loading too many add ons. It’s .mon that you long to look at Word Press CMS website totally uploaded with the good looking plugins to watch the weather, envoy mail, impress ads, and anything else, but each extension slows the website down, augments the odds of suffering the attack due to it’s public application bugs as well as some other things. Don’t try to download anything more than 3 plugins in exception you are planning installing the whole WordPress website another time. Beware of plugins that receive awful reviews and read the entire plugin review to see what is mistaken with that plugin, use the mistakes others did to avoid making them yourself. Right now what other mistakes may you do with Word press? It can be the really bad day error. You can never overlook to make frequent copies of your WordPress CMS databases except if you feel like .mencing the blog once again or even worse, beginning a .pletely new web site starting from the no point. Install add on to automate the entire process, many plugins can create a folder in the wordpress server and then make a copy of the database to the server in auto pilot. Other mistake people make is to use several Google Adsense plugins and activate all of them at the same time resulting in a webpage with more than TOS permited Adsense units per article and The Big Brother will not care about delivering you a warning mail, it just presses the kill button . Always take just 1 Adsense extension, the better one you can search and deactivate the others. Another bad move, never running a wordpress extra. You can not be aware but you Blog system might have a bug that may be explored by a professional criminal to get total to it and then do what he longs to do. What could you be doing wrong? Allowing every web visitor to visit the site. Some readers have malicious programs in their . books and they can abuse your blog without even be aware, yet if you get WP-Security, you could get rid of these people until the day they visit again sans the abused tools. A great example of an abusive behavior may be downloading and re open the same page many times again. The add on could stop the WordPress blog from opening from that user for a few moments. To finalize you can activate the extra to spy what is happening with your wordpress website as quickly as it happens. Maybe your traffic is suddenly starts to be referred from any particular site link from a allied website! You should be capable to know precisely all those numbers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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