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Home-Improvement Moving is perhaps one of the most difficult and anxiety-inducing prospects that a person might ever encounter. From balancing packing efforts with work responsibilities to learning your way around unfamiliar territory, moving can certainly take a lot out of you physically, financially, and emotionally. If you add your children to the mix, the process will reach a .pletely different level of angst and insanity. As the marketing coordinator at Hughes Relocation Services, Inc., a .pany that has been serving the Philadelphia area since 1973, Bobby Hughes understands that moving all the more difficult when children are involved. Therefore, he offers the following tips on moving with children: Tell Your Children Earlier Its hard to know how a child might react to the idea of moving, so the sooner you tell your kids, the better off youll be. Unless your move is truly unexpected, you need to give your children as much notice as possible so that they can make their peace with whats going on. In addition, dont be surprised if your children get angry or upset upon hearing the news, especially if your move requires them to change schools and leave their friends behind. Highlight Some Advantages of Moving To help your kids grow .fortable with the notion of starting a new life in a new home, try to highlight some of the advantages of moving that apply to your situation, such as a better climate or larger living space. By giving your children specifics to look forward to, youll be encouraging them to truly get on board with whats happening. Additionally, if your move is relatively local, then try taking them to their new neighborhood so that they know what to expect. Avoid Moving During the School Year The benefit of moving during the school year is that your moving .pany is likely to have extra availability in its schedule. If you have children, however, then youll want to move at a time that will disrupt their regular lives the least. Therefore, its a good idea to avoid moving in the middle of any given school year. Instead, wait until the summertime, when your kids wont have to worry about switching schools and somehow falling behind. Let Your Kids Help Out Packing up a house full of stuff can be challenging, so dont make the mistake of relying on your kids to pack up their own belongings without supervision. Unless your children are older, you should plan on acting as project manager for every aspect of your home packing endeavor. On the other hand, theres no reason not to let your kids help out when it .es to packing. In fact, by doing so, youll be helping them feel like theyre part of the process, which might make the situation easier for them on a whole. Stay Calm All the Time The stress of moving can build over time and cause you to react impulsively. However, for your kids sake as well as your own, try to stay calm throughout the process. Remember, children tend to observe their parents behavior and mimic it accordingly. Therefore, if youre visibly stressed at the idea of moving, then your children are likely to adopt similar mindsets. Keep Your Kids Away on Moving Day Your actual moving day is bound to be hectic and emotional. Unless your children are older, youre probably better off having them stay with a neighbor, relative, or friend while the movers do their thing. Remember, if youre moving locally, then youre probably going to be charged by the hour, and the more your kids get in the way, the longer your move is likely to take. In addition, children have a habit of sneaking out open doors or popping up at the least opportune times such as when a mover might be trying to hoist an oversized antique chest over a staircase banister. To avoid injury and property-related disaster, keep your kids away while your moving .pany does its job. Moving with children can be challenging on many levels. By following these tips and doing your best to stay positive, you can make your move a lot easier on your kids as well as yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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