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Dating If you kiss a girl that you sort of are attracted to, then your kiss will just be ok. However if you’re kissing a girl that you’re really into, then it will really be very special. An emotional connection is a must for an amazing kiss. When you .bine the physical pleasure of a kiss along with the emotional pleasure of the intimate moment, that’s when the magic happens. Do you want to know how to blow a kiss with a girl? Get nervous. Want to know how to kiss girls the right way? Relax! You need to reach that .fort level where you both are relaxed. If you’re nervous it will show when you kiss her. The tension will show through and will make you stiff. That’s the total opposite of what a great kisser should be. When you are too uptight about the result of the kiss, about whether you’re doing it right or wrong, you will not enjoy the moment. She’ll know your tension and it will bring down the level of intensity. Just relax and go with the flow. The best kisses seem to go on for an eternity. You have to forget everything going on in your world for a few moments, clear your mind of everything except for your girl’s breath, responses, noises, reactions and her body against yours. It can be quite difficult to focus on her if you’re in a noisy place, being seen by others or just in an un.fortable position. Let me give you an example, we’ve all known that one of the hottest places to kiss a girl is in a car, right? Well, it’s also one of the most un.fortable places to kiss. Also, if you’re in an un.fortable place or too self conscious about your kissing, you’ll fly back down to earth and the moment will be gone. Just clear your mind the next time you kiss her and let nothing else bother you. The best kissers don’t just have one way of kissing and that’s it. If you want to learn how to kiss a girl the right way, you need to learn how to adapt to her kinds of kisses. Girls are different and you must be free to adapt to each individual’s style. If your kissing style consists of only two kisses, the regular kiss and the French kiss, then it may be time to add to your arsenal. You need to change up the pace of your kisses and the pressure. Don’t always kiss her on the mouth, don’t be afraid to venture on to the neck, even nibble the ear a bit. Get creative, she’ll like that. The best kisses of all time have rhythm. They start slowly, gently then increase in speed and intensity. They allow a pause for taking a breath and looking at each other’s eyes. When you think about a nice kissing session, think of it as a dance. A dance of the lips. It’s very important to remember that kisses, just like dances, must have a rhythm, a beat. Nothing is worse that kissing someone so intense they don’t give you a chance to breathe, they suffocate you. You don’t want to .e across that way, give plenty of room for breathing, take momentary breaks, look at each other, and change up the pace. Be unpredictable. Allow things to warm up, and then cool down. Take the time to reconnect with each other. If you are totally relaxed, in the moment with someone you really care about then you’re in for some good kissing sessions. You will no longer wonder how to kiss girls because you’re already an expert at it. Just remember to find that natural rhythm and expression and you’ll find that your kisses will be so much more enjoyable and intense. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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