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Networking Network marketing, also known as MLM, is an empowering business model. It is like franchising, only at an individual level. It allows individuals to work like a single and master franchisee at the same time. Individuals can sell products within their social circle or network, and also recruit other franchisees and make commissions out of their sales. However, the trick is to obtain leads. Sure enough, you can always buy leads from sites like, but then such lists cost money and buying many lists can burn holes in your profit margin. The best thing is to obtain free lists So, here are some tips on how to generate free network marketing leads: LEADS FROM CRAIGSLIST: Craigslist is the best classified ads portal buzzing with 10s of 1,000s of visitors at any given point of time. You should take advantage of it by posting an ad (its free) calling for marketers. The ad must be targeted locally and should be ideally posted in the Sales Jobs, and Business categories. Remember, you want leads that should convert into your MLM recruits, and therefore you must word your ad carefully. It must sound genuine and truthful. You will not pay a salary and therefore you can write something like our marketers earn 4-figures every month. You can always add phrases like: free training, flexible hours, and no cold calling. Proofread your ad before posting it. FACEBOOK LEADS: Visit job, MLM and marketing groups and join them. You can post job and MLM opportunities, links to videos, slides, blog posts, and other helpful stuff. Network with other MLM people and inquire about their business. You will get many inquiries especially from folks whose business is not doing well, and these are the leads you need to convert. All you have to do is keep building trust and establishing yourself as an MLM authority. Every piece of content you lead your network to should be genuine and preferably generated by you. NEIGHBORHOOD FLYERS: No, you dont have to spend money on printing these. Create a basic textual layout, print it and stick it all over the neighborhood (wherever permitted). Use similar words suggested above (see CraigsList section above). You can stick your notes in grocery stores, friends businesses, etc. Even if you convert 2-3 out of 50 leads, your income can grow exponentially. BLOGGING: Blogging and guest blogging are the best ways to generate free network marketing leads. You must regularly write posts (once in 2 days) on MLM business models, success stories, profitable business opportunities, new MLM companies, how to get leads, etc. You also must spread out content by becoming a guest blogger on highly-ranked websites. If you dont know how to get guest blogging assignments, just Google guest blog networks, (without the quotes) and you will get plenty of resources. Well, these are a few efficient ways that will get you many free network marketing leads. Once the leads are in, it is your job to convert them, and that will depend on your convincing powers. Good luck. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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