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Reference-and-Education Montessori system of education stresses on active play and learning and is popularly followed by many schools in the country. Parents are aware of the benefits their children can reap with this form of education program. The learn and play program helps children to develop their individuality based on their strengths. The child is not under any form of pressure to perform. This allows the child to develop at their own pace. Montessori education system is successful when followed with small groups. While selecting a preschool ensure the teacher gives individual attention to each child in the class. The foundation stone of this system of education is to encourage independence. Here the teacher never forces the child to .plete their task on time as their responsibility is just to guide and supervise. While looking for a Montessori play school ensure that it is located close to your home. The license and accreditations should be in place. Also check the size of the school. The background of the school has to be verified. Fees and other payment options have to be finalised before registering with the school. Start early to avoid last minute rush. Observing the teachers interaction with the students can guide your decision. Ensure the teachers follow American Montessori International or Indian Montessori Centre rules. Here teachers are called directress and their job is to direct the child based on the observations. Make an observation of the Montessori play school environment. A .fortable atmosphere that is apt for the development of the child is essential. Without the assistance of adults a child needs to access the learning tools. Intervening in the activities of the children can hinder their natural development. Other schools allot probationary classes to get the child accustomed to the new learning environment. Find out if the classrooms are bright and inviting. All Montessori materials for Language, Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Geography, etc have to be in place. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Clarify your doubts well in advance. Apart from concentrating on the educational system it is also important to check for the cleanliness and hygiene in the campus. The play area should be well equipped and easily accessible for the children. The heating and cooling system should work efficiently. In most play schools snacks are provided, therefore it is important to check if the food is prepared in hygienic condition. Library, music room, indoor gymnasium, .puter lab with learning software according to the age group has to be maintained in order. Schools have realised the importance of security system and have camera monitors to observe the activities inside and outside the classroom. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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