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"Horizon: Zero" dawn of the demo of the game screen quite amazing: Zero horizon dawn area this enters the TGS 2016 video stations originally Jun did not care how the "zero" Horizon: Dawn of the TGS demo DEMO, because in terms of content and E3 of the DEMO and not much difference, is to let the game player a closed relatively open freedom of action in the region, the basic gameplay of the game experience. However, when sitting in front of the real machine demo, I found that the past is how the evolutionary time in the first half of this year. This evolution is mainly from the game screen. "Horizon: Zero dawn" developer Guerrilla Games has always been very strong picture technology company, a series of works before they have been "killing zone" on behalf of PS hosts strongest picture. But to be honest, E3 "zero" dawn of performance makes me a bit disappointed (click to view the E3 experience report). Lost frame, more serious picture jagged, and not very fine very real clothing material, all of this and the original trailer to the shock of a small psychological gap between. However, these problems have been solved in TGS2016 DEMO. The picture could hardly see any jagged, light is no longer hard is soft, cloth material characters and the body of the small accessories finally saw the fine feeling. More importantly, this picture does not come from PS4 PRO, a live demo using the old version of PS4. Although the PS4 PRO can make the "Horizon: Zero dawn" has a resolution of 4K, but only from the picture effects, PS4 version of PS4 PRO 4K real machine than the previous game Jun just read the presentation and not too big gap (see 4K demo). So you have purchased PS4 players, you do not need to be in order to buy PRO and tangled. Even if you don’t buy PRO, still can play the picture quite amazing "Horizon: Zero dawn". On the content, because there is not much change compared with the E3, you can refer to the video game Jun E3 experience report. (Re Chain E3 experience report). (Okami) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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