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Hengtai coal futures: supply and demand is still tight inflation to fall black market sentiment index related varieties of black plate commodity trend comparison Abstract: due to the current coal production was inhibited, transportation bottleneck, steel coke inventory and power coal port inventory is very low, the next period of time, the supply will always remain in a state of tension. Moreover, due to rising house prices, demand is expected to have a positive improvement. Therefore, coking coal, coke and power coal and other black plate varieties will continue to maintain a strong state. Market review recent black plate varieties differentiation trend, steel after a sharp decline, rebounded slightly, but late today and diving trend, driven by coking coal and coke from a sharp sell. Overall, coke and coking coal trend was stronger than the iron ore, and hot rolled thread. Moreover, coke and coking coal hit a new high of the year. Figure 1: the main varieties of black plate turnover of nearly 20 days of dynamic data sources: Wind, Hengtai Coal Futures Institute the supply situation has not eased the relatively tight supply is to promote the recent coking coal, coal prices and the rise of the main reasons. Although the NDRC recently launched a response mechanism, daily increase of 500 thousand tons of steam coal production, but the inventory is low and the restriction of transport bottlenecks, the next period of time, the tight supply situation and there will be much change. First, due to the impact of supply side reforms, the current output is inhibited. Although the NDRC has launched a response mechanism, an increase of 500 thousand tons per day of steam coal production, but in the short term, the effect is not obvious. Moreover, coking coal production has not increased. At present, the northern port coal storage power is very low, the domestic large and medium-sized steel coke inventory to maintain the average number of available only in about 7 days the level (see Figure 2). Figure 2: Coke inventory low data sources: Wind, Hengtai Futures Institute second, highway transport limited, Datong Qinhuangdao line was about to enter the maintenance season. Since the implementation of the most stringent restrictions on the history of super 21, a lot of modified large truck transport costs increased by at least 25% of coal, and some trucks can not be on the road. The restrictions on transport have further exacerbated the tight supply situation. In addition, the Datong Qinhuangdao line to overhaul in October, estimated capacity will fall by 1/3. The yield is tight, transport is limited, leading to the current spot prices continued to rise. On Wednesday, Bohai thermal coal price index closed at 561 yuan per ton, up 7 yuan per ton than last week. Coking coal and coke prices are also high, the port of Tianjin metallurgical coke prices have risen to 1600 yuan, Shanxi Jingtang coking coal prices have risen to 1070 yuan per ton, Australian coking coal prices more expensive, has risen to 1290 yuan per ton. The rise in spot prices on the futures prices constitute a strong support. Housing prices are expected to boost the demand of coke and coking coal prices this year first-tier cities rose sharply, driven by the second tier city prices steady rise, the second individual city house prices have more than first-tier cities, three city housing prices have gradually stabilized. Real.相关的主题文章:

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