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Home-Improvement Bathroom remodeling expert David Pinsley works for First Rate Renovations, Inc. and Cultured Marble Products in San Leandro, California, serving the entire Bay Area. According to him, the big advantage of having a bath or shower made from cultured marble is that you will never ever have to clean grout again. How many times have you been cursing as you cleaned out that nasty grout in your bathroom? Well, curse no more. Cultured marble products are here to stay. Cultured marble is made from real marble dust that is mixed with a polyester resin, and it is, literally, grout-free. Suitable for Bathroom Aesthetically some people do not like cultured marble for tiles because they are used to seeing the beauty of some beautiful ceramic tiles. I personally like tiles on the floor, but not around my bathtub or on my shower, because I do not like cleaning the grout. Its not an aesthetic concern, its only because of the grout issue. Cultured marble, on the other hand, requires no grout. It has two seams and it has mildew-resistant silicone, which is very thin. In fact, you can hardly see it and it lasts forever as its not biodegradable in any form. By using cultured marble products in your bathroom, you will not have to clean grout. Cultured marble products are manmade and look beautiful. You can fashion a bath, sink, shower, bath splash and numerous other bathroom fixtures from cultured marble. We can even make shampoo holders, soap dishes and more from the same resin to match perfectly. Not Suitable for Kitchen Because the gel coat on cultured marble does not respond well to extreme heat, we dont use it to make kitchen countertops. You dont want to put a hot pot on top of it, and it also can scratch easily. Therefore, it is not ideal for a surface where you would be cutting things or there is a big potential for scratches, such as in the kitchen area. We have done probably maybe eight or 10 kitchens where we have used our products; they have signed a disclaimer because we warned that it was not a good idea. To make those kitchens, we shoot the gel coats in the mold a lot thicker to make the end product thicker. But it still scratches, so you do not have the pristine beauty of the material. It is not something that I would re.mend. However, I would heartily re.mend replacing a ceramic bath with a cultured marble one, as you will never have to clean that grout again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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