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Careers-Employment If you are looking for a graduate job vacancy in the UK then you have a lot of options. But these options will only be fruitful if you take certain necessary steps. The first step obviously is to have a graduate degree from a university. The next step to look for graduate vacancies is to have a professionally prepared resume with a cover letter. If you can do it yourself then its fine otherwise take the help of professional resume writing services. They will help you prepare a robust resume with a cover letter. Once you have these you can start looking for job vacancies that match your qualifications. Here are a few ways to search for graduate job vacancy in UK: Respond to Direct Advertisement Look for job advertisements in newspapers, online job portals and classifieds. Several .panies post openings in these as it ensures quick and easy filling up of vacancies. Rather than going through recruitment agencies and lot of .panies prefer posting in newspaper and classifieds as it is cost effective. Once you have located a job that suits you send it a copy of your CV with the cover letter. However for this you will have to personally take the initiative. Recruitment Agency Submitting your CV to a recruitment agency is probably the easiest way to get a graduate job vacancy. Recruitment agencies are professionals in getting jobs; they maintain a database of .pany openings and jobseekers. Some of the top agencies even tie up with .panies and handle the entire recruitment process. As they are professionals they will also help you to get a good match. All you need to do is register with a reputed recruitment agency by visiting their office or through their website. Give them a copy of your CV along with some personal details and they will keep informing you about openings. The services are chargeable so expect to pay some fee. Graduate Employment Schemes There are several training programs aimed for graduates so that they can secure a job. These programmes usually start during the months of July to September. Course duration may vary from 6 months to 2 years. Getting enrolled in such a programme can open up many career opportunities for you. These training programmes are highly beneficial for graduates as they provide training and placement. Border agency UK If you are a foreign national seeking graduate job vacancy in the UK then it is best to seek help from the Border agency UK. The agency has a list of sponsors with several job openings for graduates. The sponsors listed with the Border agency UK are also able to offer employment to foreign students. Finding the right graduate job vacancy and getting one isnt very hard in UK. However, as most graduates are inexperienced so salary structure and other facilities may vary from .pany to .pany. But you will get the minimum wages as stipulated by the law. Each .pany has its own recruitment policy for graduates so you can expect differences when it .es to remunerations and fringe benefits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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