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UnCategorized – Mention the keyword in the headline. Internet users will notice the keyword in your ad. So it’s critical to import your primary keyword in Adwords Ad headline. After all, your Ad has only few seconds to grab the user’s attention. – Use questions in your Headline. They are more noticeable. For example: Need refinance? – You can also tell stories. For instance I lost 68 pounds. Avoid clichs and exaggeration like the best product in the world. Google will reject them. Also you will not be allowed to capitalize your text but you can capitalize every first letter of your word. Example: Natural Weight Loss – Analyze your product. In order to write profitable ads you must know your product’s features and the benefits it will provide to the customer. Analyze them and mark them carefully. – Benefits not features. It may sound common but you must avoid it at all costs. Displaying features will lead to unsuccessful campaigns and the cost will rise. You should always display benefits. Potential customers care about benefits and not technical jargon of any kind. – Being Specific. Instead of writing life insurance write life insurance in Los Angeles if your business is located in LA. – Avoid long words. Since the space you have is limited to 70 characters you need to write your ad with simple words. – Do Split testing. If you don’t test your Adwords campaigns you are wasting money. You will never know which Ad is profitable and which is not. You can use the split testing method here. Write two same Ads and change only one word on the headline or text. It may seem a detail at first but these details increase the response of your Ad and the profits. After doing the split test for about 100 200 clicks (or maybe more if you can afford it) check which is the most profitable and continue with it. Delete or improve the ad which is not profitable. Excellent tracking software you can use is Dynatracker (..dynatracker.. ). When you use the split testing tactic disable Google partner .work program (Adsense). Adsense will defeature your testing process and the data you will get won’t be reliable. – Use negative keywords. For example if you use the negative word (-free) you ad will not be displayed with searches that contain the word free. By doing that you avoid the freebie seekers who scan the Google for free stuff and clicking your ads. Doing ONLY that you will save huge amounts of dollars and you will reduce your campaign’s cost dramatically. – the Gather email addresses mini sites solutions. Google changed the rules once more and will not accept single capture email address web pages. Google is always searching for content. So, you will have to reevaluate your website structure and add content. Your website must be and show legitimate by having: – Contact us page. – Your physical address (not p.o box) – Privacy policy statement web page. – Legal disclaimer web page. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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