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Giant car prices in China have reached the point of no return – fear of the collective fall of Sohu finance from the beginning of the end of 2015, the domestic automobile market will fall into the endless winter. Due to high inventory, dealer inventory warning index at the edge of the warning line, the industry more bluntly, the reality has been more severe than everyone else’s imagination. Into 2016, with the economic growth and personal consumption growth, the car market began to walk out of the winter. However, after the baptism of a winter, car prices and the ability to quickly restore the glory of the past? 2015 car city winter is mainly due to excessive dealer inventory, resulting in a large loss of dealers. In addition, regardless of domestic car prices or foreign giants, the domestic market consumer demand over overvalued, blind optimism caused oversupply embarrassing situation. The final car prices forced transformation, integration of business and sub brand, but the whole process does not seem to smooth. Domestic car market saturation, the first to feel the pain is the domestic car giants. Once known as the Republic of the eldest son of the FAW Group pioneered the "fallen", and easy access to public information, FAW Xiali and interim Yukui have hundreds of millions of dollars. FAW Xiali began bogged down from 2014, rely on the sale of assets can barely escaped delisting embarrassment. FAW as the domestic car prices once the eldest brother, is now Xiali, red two brands dragged down the performance worse, the stock is unable to get up after a fall. Not only is the old giants escape, even car prices on behalf of the Mesozoic GAIG, can not escape the winter invasion. As the sixth major domestic auto group Guangzhou automobile, because of the recent problems and re acquisition of main vehicle such as poor performance, got scorched by the flames. Guangzhou’s brand overall sales slump, GAC Gonow unexpectedly appeared a month only produced a car embarrassing situation. The Guangzhou production standards, resulting in a loss of tens of millions of distributors, dealers make the event time to the final settlement of the amount promised to raise a Babel of criticism of Guangzhou, is wrong. Once the independent brand of the Great Wall cars can only rely on low prices to save performance. Due to shrinking market demand, car prices have reduced the main models and best-selling models of the price, the price war. In order to occupy the advantage in the fierce competition, many enterprises have to dress up the money marketing performance. The Great Wall is one of the victims of the car, H6 as the main the Great Wall push models, had to put down the value of the upgraded version of the luxury models were forced to price consistent with the ordinary version. In addition to H6’s support, the rest of the the Great Wall car sales fell sharply, H6 from the main force of rattling into other models to live blood bank. Not only is the impact of domestic giants, foreign brands and joint venture brand is also difficult to cross the day. Japan and South Korea as the representatives of foreign car enterprises in China sales have suffered a nightmare, Chinese rely on huge market turnaround dreams instantly come to nothing. The Japanese car high-end brand Infiniti is one of them, with the sponsorship of a variety show to enter the mainland market, but because of the high price and the positioning errors, suffered cliff style slump. Not only because the car market malaise, product defects and high-level change is an important reason of Japanese giants fall out相关的主题文章:

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