Gao Zhisen beat Pu Bajia dance to capture the hearts and minds of female love pp点点通2006

Gao Zhisen beat Pu Bajia female love dancing capture the heart Sina entertainment news from the famous Hongkong director Gao Zhisen directed urban love comedy "serendipity" is Hangzhou hot shot. In October 10th, the crew open to the media set. According to Gao Zhisen said, the film is a female perspective of love comedy, about four couples in wedding bride runaway caused a great disturbance of the story. In the film as the runaway bride Shirley Yeung [micro-blog] she said, after leaving home in Hangzhou encounter Pu Bajia [micro-blog], and its sister Liao instantly captured the hearts of merit. Gao Zhisen: when Leslie Cheung gets to play in this film adaptation of Jiao Yuan’s comedy drama "experimental theatre on the male sea", with four as the main actress, about four couples in wedding bride runaway caused a great disturbance of the story by Maggie Cheung, Shirley Yeung, Annie Liu [micro-blog] [micro-blog [micro-blog]], Wei Shi, starring Tse Kwan Ho, Alex Fong, [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Pu Bajia, Zhang Jicong, Vincent Kok [micro-blog] such as a public actor to help out. According to director Gao Zhisen introduction, a few men and women tablets from different places, different classes, different personality, because of a runaway, in three days and two nights, a few of different love stories between men and women, and everyone has changed the view of love. Director Gao Zhisen in the heyday of the Hongkong film scores impressively, who created many classical comedy movies, including "family event" "happy ghost" "wedding" is the flowers of the mainland audience familiar and favorite classic. Asked why so love comedy, Gao Zhisen explained: "you like perfume, everyone around with a little aroma, comedy is, the whole process is to enjoy, everyone is infected, every day spent in laughter." When it comes to their director style, Gao Zhisen said, I must first write the script, but there are some of the play is adjusted to run in the field. I need an actor into very much, because there are twenty or thirty per cent of the story with the actors in the scene is out of adjustment, then they also filming with Leslie Cheung." Pu Bajia Shirley Yeung said the role of dancing in his arms while the contrast is comedy, the day of filming is crying, "today’s opera is not funny. This is the two husband and wife opponents play, Maggie Cheung less than a minute to give me 7 drops of tears, let me know what is acting, as a director really enjoy." Gao Zhisen said. Why play such a tragedy? Maggie Cheung responded: "the woman thought she was paying a lot of money in marriage, but it wasn’t important for men. She doesn’t understand what she did wrong, but it’s all right, but not the woman he wants." Maggie Cheung said that for a long time did not touch a comedy from the perspective of women, so this time a special investment like, the whole shooting process is also very funny fun. Shirley Yeung’s runaway bride in the film, after leaving home in Hangzhou encounter Pu Bajia, and the role of "love at first sight, with my own very different, I am introverted shy, the role of the boys is very active, see the love will take the initiative to close, chat, very romantic)相关的主题文章:

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