Fuzhou air quality is good for a lot of people burning garbage to destroy air clonecd

Fuzhou air quality is good and many people open burning garbage destroys air wasteland several women fire grass smoke rising channel network November 20th news (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Zhang Zhihong (micro-blog) Zhu Minmin Ventura) recently, the northern cold air southward with haze affected by air, Fuzhou. According to the China environmental monitoring station data show that at 4 pm yesterday, the Fuzhou real time air quality index (AQI) was 80, the air quality is good. The reporter interviewed found that in addition to the North Fuzhou local haze, there are some sources of pollution, such as the open burning of garbage, site dust etc.. The "54 north area of gray, as if someone was burning garbage." Yesterday afternoon, 54 people live in the North Sea to call Mr. Lin 95060 hotline to reflect these days North haze south, Fuzhou air has been from the original "excellent" down to "good", but there are still some people do not pay attention to environmental protection, open burning of garbage, the destruction of Fuzhou air, called on relevant departments to investigate. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the 54 North Sea Patrol to Xiufeng Road, found the road to the battle of Osaka Xiufeng Road, air pollution, filled with a smell of burning. Reporters along the road to the battle of Osaka Xiufeng Road, on the road to a piece of wasteland found in several white smoke is sky rising, it is the smoke pollution in the area of the air. The reporter into the wasteland, found several women in this wasteland, some of the land has been turned into vegetable. They clean out the weeds, in situ pile into 5 piles are burned. Because of these weeds is very wet, burning smoke billowing white smoke. The journalist immediately stepped forward to stop, on-site publicity environmental protection laws and regulations to these women, they told the open burning of straw, weeds, garbage is illegal, if the circumstances are serious may also face security detention. Reporters after persuasion, several women recognize the error, pick up a hoe, the grass heap fire, and promise not to open burning. (channel network)相关的主题文章:

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