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Fujian normal school boys free education policy is to review the female college students — Shaanxi Channel – people.com.cn original title: Fujian normal boys free education policy is to test the water a year review of female college students in Fujian province "normal boys free education policy, has recently been a female college student application by the Legislative Affairs Office of Fujian provincial government for review. The Education Department of Fujian province since 2015 trial, only for Fujian male college entrance examination policy, will carry out children’s normal primary school, free education pilot Fujian 5 normal universities, students in school can be exempt from tuition fees, free accommodation, enjoy the normal student grants, the enrollment plan can not be completed, candidates can also with reference to the relevant policy appropriate drop points admission. This approach quickly sparked controversy. Supporters believe that this can ease the shortage of primary and secondary school teachers in Fujian province. In the opinion of the opponents, the policy is clearly contrary to the principle of fair education, there is suspicion of sexual discrimination, and even at the entrance of the outstanding girls". According to the "rules" of documents filing and review of Fujian provincial administrative organs, filing institutions should be in no later than 45 days to complete the examination, such as filing institutions that exist legitimacy and appropriateness of the problem, the policy may be recommended to correct, modify or revoke. Review of "female college students apply for normal boys free education policy submitted to review the application of senior girl Wang Yimei (a pseudonym) enrolled in a Fujian province directly under the Ministry of education in normal colleges. She is no stranger to the free normal education policy, in May 2007 the country will 6 normal universities directly under the Ministry of education as a pilot implementation of the policy of free normal students entering school need commitment after graduation engaged in primary and secondary education for more than 10 years. A number of non normal colleges of the provinces and cities have also begun to explore the province policy of free normal students. Wang Yimei found that although have been dubbed "policy of free normal students, but the Education Department of Fujian province in June 2015 issued the" Fujian province free normal education pilot approach (Trial) "," kindergarten teachers, primary school boys to carry out free education pilot "," limited to boys "policy of free normal students, the girls out of the outside. The background of the move is "for the primary and secondary school teachers in Fujian province gender structure prominent contradictions, the scarcity of male teachers". According to this approach, if unable to complete the enrollment plan, male candidates can refer to local colleges and universities to recruit rural students to special programs admissions policies, properly lowering of admission, after enjoying normal student grants and free tuition, accommodation and other concessions, they want the source in the city retrogradation at empty series primary school kindergarten, primary school, kindergarten, and engaged in education and teaching work of not less than 10 years. In two years of teaching work, through the examination to meet the requirements, the number of boys can also recommend the graduate admission for master degree of education. This touched Wang Yimei. In her opinion, "lowering of admission" and education law "citizens enjoy equal educational opportunities" in accordance with the law, "the protection of women in education, employment, education, degree granting, such as sending students enjoy equal rights with men such as legislative intent contrary, does not conform to the" women’s rights and interests protection law "" school students at the time of admission, in addition to the special)相关的主题文章:

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