Foxconn’s acquisition of SHARP after the second half of the second hand is expected to boost profita

Foxconn’s acquisition of SHARP after continuous shot power is expected in the second half to turnaround the Li Siyi acquisition of Japanese electronics giant SHARP last month, iPhone mobile phone assemblers Foxconn technology group began to take a series of measures to revive, and hope the second half turnaround. According to two announcement released by SHARP in September 21st, SHARP will buy back is located in downtown Osaka, the original company "the edge of the building". Currently, SHARP has entered into an agreement with NTT group’s real estate company NTT urban development company, is expected to contract in September. In order to cut costs, in September 2015, SHARP announced the headquarters building and land were sold to furniture chain giant NITORI (bird like) and NTT urban development company, the sale amount is 18 billion 800 million yen (about 1 billion yuan). At that time, SHARP announced that, due to the severe market for smart phone LCD panel, 2015 fiscal year, the first half of the fiscal year’s financial goals can not be achieved, resulting in its share price fell to its lowest point since listing in 1974. At that time, SHARP is expected to complete the transfer in March 2016, and continue to use the form of lease to around March 2018. SHARP, the predecessor of the Sichuan Institute of metal industry, was founded in 1924, has been established since 90 years as the company headquarters here. At the same time, SHARP also announced that it has reached an agreement with the Slovakia TV manufacturers UMC group, SHARP intends to invest in UMC, jointly expand the cause of the development of new business cooperation. October 2014, SHARP due to poor financial condition, will be awarded to the trademark UMC, only the brand service charge. In addition, SHARP is located in Poland’s LCD TV assembly plant is also sold to UMC, thereby exiting the European TV market. Recently, Foxconn group vice president and President of SHARP Dai Zhengwu, said in an internal letter to employees, an early turnaround is the primary goal of SHARP. According to reports, SHARP is working to develop the second half of 2016 business plan, hoping to profit in the second half of this year. The letter revealed that SHARP LCD Division will be achieved in 2018 annual sales target of 10 million units. According to SHARP’s earnings report, the second half of fiscal year (October 2015 -2016 years in March), SHARP total loss of 136 billion 800 million yen (about RMB 9 billion yuan). 2016, August, Foxconn to 388 billion 800 million yen (about RMB 25 billion 700 million) restructuring SHARP, SHARP’s acquisition of shares of 66%. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章:

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