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Health For some patients one of the biggest factors in a decision to get bariatric surgery for weight loss is the scarring that can result from the surgery. Now, pioneering techniques in laparoscopic surgery means that many patients can now get the surgery with a single incision that will leave no discernable scarring. Until recently the most .mon technique for lap band surgery involved making several incisions to insert and manipulate the gastric band for placement within the body. But, these new techniques allow an incision to be made through the umbilical area (belly button) as the single point of entry instead. The single incision also has the benefit of having the potential for less pain and dis.fort for the patient as well as the possibility of a faster recovery. The increasing popularity of lap band use for weight loss is partly due to the procedure over all remaining considerably less invasive than open bariatric surgery and gastric bypass. Typical or traditional lap band surgery requires five incisions made in the upper abdomen, the largest of these being about two inches long. But the need to have less scarring is important for some patients. The first step in remedying this was the development of single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS). This involves the placement of a lap band using a single incision about an inch and a half long in the upper abdomen just below the rib cage. That incision is used to .plete the entire procedure. But now thanks to this new technique the SILS method has been advanced and can be .pleted without visible scarring. In the new bariatric surgery technique the incision is made as a trans-umbilical entry for the placement of the lap band. Essentially, the work is done entirely through an incision made in the belly button placing the lap band securely in its standard position. This bariatric surgery technique is believed to have been performed for the first time in Texas at the Austin Institute of Bariatrics Laparoscopy (AIBL). It has be.e so successful and sought after that AIBL has be.e a source for training other bariatric surgeons in the techniques of single incision Lap band procedures. Not every patient is a candidate for the modified bariatric surgery procedure, though the large majority will be eligible for the SILS technique and the trans-umbilical version. Finding new methods and procedures is important as more and more patients discover lap band surgery as an important weight loss solution. Lap band surgery creates a smaller intestinal pouch, shrinking the size of your stomach, resulting in patients feeling fuller, faster and consequently eating less food and losing weight. .bined with a .prehensive weight loss program developed by your bariatric surgeon, the resulting weight loss can contribute to the reduction of many diseases including type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Lap band surgery is one bariatric surgery option among many surgical solutions for weight loss. It is important to research your options and be.e knowledgeable about what procedure might be right for you. Consider attending a seminar that could give you the information needed about finding the .prehensive bariatric program and surgical practice that best suits your needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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