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Legal I haven’t seen the Clint Eastwood movie called "Hereafter" that attempts to explain what happens when we die, but every time a movie dealing with this subject matter is released it emphasises to me how much human interest and obsession in life after death is in direct opposition to Spirit’s message that we should always focus on the life we are living now. I am not dismissing people’s need to know or their interest in life after death, or people’s pursuit of explanations that work for them. But when you focus on things other than what you can control in your present, you are in danger of increasing your anxiety and missing opportunities that you can appreciate right now. My Highest Guide Elizabeth has expressed that "you are all reading this because somewhere deep in your soul you know you are meant for better than just a mediocre existence. What is mediocre to us on this plane? It is the existence without true thought, not fully extending your capacity and never being strong enough to be you. If you are content and compliant with this then so be it. Yet, still deep within you are all reading this because you know you are bigger and deeper than this person you so physically represent." Focusing on your NOW is about connecting to your life on every level and not being afraid to do so. It is about rising above the mediocrity of always living in fear. One of the techniques that I use to focus on my now is to "Talk to My Heart". It helps me to manage my emotions – especially those such as anxiety and fear – and to celebrate moments of excitement and celebration – and to confront and manage these rather than ignore them and let them affect the way I live. Just think how often we move our hands near our hearts in a reflex action – when we’re surprised, anxious, delighted – it’s instinctive and powerful. By using this heart connection to help you focus on managing your emotions, you are pinpointing what you want in the NOW and using your energy to manifest a positive from a potentially negative emotion. The technique works like this: 1. Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably and place your hand on your heart; 2. Think of the issue and the emotions associated with that, which are most affecting your life; 3. Hold a conversation with your heart, just as you would a trusted friend or family member, asking your heart what aspects of the situation most concern or delight you, why they have affected you in this way and outline the fears or joy associated with these. Once you have had your conversation, write the pertinent points down on a piece of paper. This does two things: 1. it defines your issues for you so that you are clear about what is affecting you now and can look at how you manage those; 2. and it releases tension – positive and negative – from your body, so that you are not putting undue emotional pressure on your heart, but are allowing it to do the job it was designed for, which is to smoothly pump your life blood around your body. Talking to your heart means you are living in the now and are not afraid to trust what it tells you. About the Author: Professional Psychic, Intuitive Profiler and Spiritual Philosopher Julianna Suranyi helps thousands of people around the world with personal guidance, behavioral change and spiritual growth online, corporately, via courses and the media. Sign up for her free newsletter, read her free e-books or ask about your future now: => .julianna…au Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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