Endurance competition iPhone 7 plus iPhone 7 as Se won the first prize ca1806

Endurance competition: iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 as SE won the new iPhone family Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 10th news, according to foreign media reports, in the just concluded "Spring Festival Gala" apple, vice president Schiller said with confidence iPhone 7 series of the life of the great leap forward, iPhone increased 7 to two hours, iPhone 7 Plus increased one hour. The good life is well known, but the iPhone was 7 in one test missed the accident, lost his brother iPhone SE. In the test, the full power of the iPhone SE in the 3G network life reaches 12 hours, LTE (4G) or Wi-Fi mode for a period of 13 hours. In addition, playing respectively is 14 and 13 hours of talk and music video, up to 50 hours, standby time is 10 days. In iPhone 7, and 3G call mode of life are matched with iPhone SE, but in LTE mode but lasted less than 12 hours, in addition, audio playback than iPhone SE 10 hours less, it is some lose face. From the battery capacity, iPhone SE only 1624 Ma, 1960 MA (iPhone 7 iPhone 6S has improved than 1715 Ma and iPhone, slightly) 7 Plus from the previous 2750 Ma to 2900 ma. (compile Lv Jiahui)相关的主题文章:

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