Egg futures rebounded bottom price is expected to return to trend down misao

Egg futures rebounded bottom price is expected to return to trend down Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – reporter Ma Shuang since September, domestic egg futures rebounded bottom, at the beginning of the month 1701 main contract 3300 yuan in 500 yuan -3400 kg 500 kg range of shock adjustment, this week will appear to rise continuously, the price exceeded 3400 yuan 500 kg integer points. As of yesterday’s close, the main egg futures contract 1701 reported $500 kg, up $49 or 1.45%. Insiders said that the recent trend of relatively strong commodity prices, the price has been boosted, short-term price shocks are more likely to be strong. However, in the long term, with the holiday effect gradually reflected and spot prices weaken, the price is expected to return to trend down. Guotai Junan Futures researcher Liu Jiawei believes that recently, egg prices higher volatility is mainly affected by three factors: first, the support by the Mid Autumn Festival stocking, egg spot prices continued to rise at the beginning of September, the main producing areas of spot price increase than expected, the price of egg futures has been boosted; secondly, obvious seasonal characteristics, according to history experience, in mid January, egg spot prices are 3.5 yuan pounds or more, although the overall level of egg spot prices this year is low, but the egg spot prices generally in December or January there will be a wave of rising prices, and 1701 egg futures contract delivery date in the Spring Festival stocking period, so the spot price may not be low; third, the recent related egg futures of soybean meal, corn and other agricultural products prices stabilized stabilized in market sentiment on egg prices have boosted . On the spot, the main producing areas is the basis of delivery to Shandong Dezhou as an example, egg spot prices in the region since the beginning of the August to the early September rose 3 yuan catty 4 yuan Jin, rose by more than 1 yuan a catty, the main producing areas of the egg spot price in more than 4 yuan catty, higher than the market had expected 3.6-3.7 million pounds of the high point of the year. "But with the Mid Autumn Festival," eleven "double festival approaching, egg spot prices are peaked, egg spot prices in some areas have a slight decline." Insiders said. In addition to the spot rose, Mailyard futures analyst Zhang Cuiping added that the festival atmosphere also boost the egg prices recently stabilized and rebounded slightly. Fundamentally, from the supply side, the second half of November 2015 after the egg supply is too loose, laying hens Bulan positive, according to the growth cycle, in the second half of this year will continue to increase the number of laying hens, and the first half of 2015 Bulan positive effect, the second half of the year old chicken out of the limited amount, add in laying hens the number is greater than the number of out of the chicken egg on the probability of large, spot prices will form a certain repression. From the demand side, the bottom of the Mid Autumn Festival is basically completed, around the middle school has also opened the school, the school has basically completed stocking, egg demand will gradually stabilized. For the market outlook, Liu Jiawei believes that in the short term, the main egg futures contract 3300 yuan in 5 on 1701相关的主题文章:

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