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Hair-Loss HairGenesis is a company that strongly believes in ethical practices in business and we constantly strive to achieve excellence through fair means. HairGeneis has made hefty additions in its brand value by adopting legal and moral habits of doing all business activities. All efforts of the company, its employees and vendors have been directed towards promoting these values. The rumor that hair genesis is a scam is nothing but a cheap ploy of our competitors who are bent upon tarnishing the image of our company. For HairGenesis ethics is not a luxury but an effective ingredient to achieve success in a transparent and clean manner. To achieve our goals we have devised a business ethics code that each of our partners, vendors, retailers and employees have to strictly follow. Some of the important points of our business ethics code include: Abiding by all existing federal laws, rules, and regulations Promoting our companys business and products legally and morally Not indulging in any activity that injures the reputation of our company Treating all customers, co-workers, vendors with dignity and civility Maintaining fair relations with all the people dealing with the company Not making any false commitments to the customers and alluring them by making false claims HairGenesis manufacture clinically tested and approved products HairGenesis a scam is not the right phrase to use for our company because we have sufficient scientific data to support our claims. All our medications have been manufactured strictly according FDA guidelines. HairGenesis Placebo-Controlled Double Blind study conducted under strict IRB monitored guidelines has endorsed the efficacy of our products. The results of this study has demonstrated a highly positive response to our treatments. To get rid off any doubt like Hair Genesis is a Scam please visit : HairGenesis Scam rumors cannot be believed because they are emanating from unreliable sources and not from an authorized government entity. Our manufacturing process adheres to FDA guidelines and there is no single government entity that has disapproved our treatment system. All our formulations are 100 percent drug free and its ingredients are extracted from medicinal plants that have no negative side effects. If you need any clarifications please contact us directly at [email protected] or ..hairgenesis.. and do not pay any attention to rumors about HairGenesis scam. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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