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Dong Mingzhu is chairman of GREE: smiling is still free, loneliness is still in science and technology – Sohu "Miss Dong, you never forget your smile…" "Miss Dong, your mouth is down very beautiful…" now Miss Dong still smile on the face, but I do not know what is the taste of heart. Recent online crazy pass GREE Dong Mingzhu outgoing notice, actually is true! At first sight, I thought the world was crazy. No wonder some time ago Ms. Dong Mingzhu at the shareholders meeting is a freak. Daniel time sequence: in late October, GREE Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu was dismissed from office; on October 25th, Dong Mingzhu’s title has only "GREE chairman"; October 28th, Dong Mingzhu broke out at the shareholders meeting. How clear the power and hold the line. The shareholders meeting, has always been an iron fist rule, forceful style pearl playfully: not heard we welcome applause. Where is your round of applause? The door was not the entrance music, this is the "only one" undervalued. "You look at the listed companies, which have a few to give you the dividend?" "I don’t give you a bonus for five years, what can you do with me?" GREE people from 1 hundred million, from the profits of the loss of the enterprise did not even do today, to achieve a profit of 13%, is to rely on you to come?" Refine the center points, small chose to talk about this is that GREE is now the dividend policy, to shareholders special treatment; GREE profit Never mind with you, we is the result of the struggle; to sum up, GREE will not ill treat you, and have mercy on you. Review the course of development of GREE electric appliances, this argument is based on facts, drop. GREE electric appliance marketing world, is really miss Dong led the team a little bit cronies lay. She is confident, strong, selections. She is generous, loyal, decisive. Shareholders also because of her ability and excellent atmosphere of pies, she has a great deal of trust. No airborne executives, one behind Dong Mingzhu boarded the position of president of witness. But it also proved that the leadership of Dong Mingzhu, GREE led GREE group and senior executives have very obvious contradictions and power struggles. In addition, we view a gossip GREE statement: GREE Electric said, Dong Mingzhu is the relevant provisions of the state and I will resign based on GREE Group Chairman, but still continue to serve as GREE’s chairman and President, dedicated to promote the development of listed companies. This is a normal change in the work of GREE, Zhuhai SASAC will continue to support the work of Dong Mingzhu. We all know that GREE’s position is approximately equal to Miss Dong’s position, and before GREE electric appliances and the parent company of tear force, there is no cover up, and now the statement "as in the past", with a really subtle, ah…… And, according to the inverted calabash gourd, harmonious symbiosis between the shareholders and the recent GREE electric chairman, also broke the trend. Friendship.相关的主题文章:

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