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Movies-TV Dirty Dancing was originally a low-budget project that was intended to only show in theaters for one weekend and then go straight to video, but it became a surprise hit, and achieved massive international success, despite having no major stars. In 1986 the director of Dirty Dancing, Emile Ardolino had a small budget and was looking for affordable actors, He chose two unknown people for the lead roles: Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. They both had an ac.plished resume, and had been in a few movies previously. Patrick Swayze also had TV and Broadway experience. The movie was to feature dancing scenes and also consist of a love story between two young people. He starred in a role as a dance instructor and this is where his earlier ballet career and the experience of growing up with his mother who was a dance instructor came to good use. The story line is a seemingly impossible romance set in the early sixties between a summer dance instructor from South Philadelphia and the teenage daughter of a well-to-do doctor from New York Baby is the typical silver-spoon girl that has never had to go without. She learns a lot about herself and the tougher side of life on her journey to womanhood while she is on vacation with her family at a Catskills Mountain Resort. The story details the moment of time when she crosses over from being a teenaged girl to a woman, both physically and emotionally. During the making of the film Swayze took dance lessons from John Travolta when making the film Dirty Dancing, Swayze and Travolta are best friends to this day. Swayze loved the dancing scenes and insisted on doing his own stunts as well. While Swayze was doing the scene where he balances on a log, he repeated fell off the log and injured his knee which was already sore from the long hours of dancing during the rehearsal and shooting of the film. This exacerbated his existing knee injury that he had received during his football days at high school. He ended up in hospital so that the swelling on the knee could be drained. His knee injury never .pletely healed after the filming and so for a long time he didnt accept any roles which required intense dancing. However, he will always be famous for his dirty dancing and for the immortal phrase Nobody puts Baby in the corner. The film started in August 1986 with rehearsals that went for 2 weeks and the shooting went on for 6 weeks and 2 days. In that time the weather went from a burning 129 degrees Fahrenheit (41 degrees Celsius) to a freezing 41 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius). In the hot spell several of the members of the crew succumbed to heatstroke and some fainted. In the cold spell Grey said she had to do an outdoor scene diving into some water and would have refused if she hadnt been so hungry for success. There were other small setbacks during the filming. For example the story was meant to be set in summer but the leaves on the trees were turning red and brown. To over.e this they sprayed all the leaves green! About one third of Dirty Dancing involves scenes of dancing choreographed by Kenny Ortega (who went on to do the choreography for High School Musical). This film is famous for its dancing and the last scene has referred to as the most goose-bump-inducing dance scene in movie history. In October 1986 a rough cut was put together following the .pletion of the shooting. However the executives of the film production .pany, Vestron, unanimously agreed that it would be a total disaster at the theatres. When the producer, Aaron Russon, saw the final version of the film in May 1987 he announced Burn the negative and collect the insurance. Vestron thought they would give the film one last chance as a one-weekender film and to try to recoup their money buy selling the film on video. They approached Clearasil (the .pany that makes acne treatment products for teenagers) who agreed to promote the film. However they bailed out when they heard that the film had an abortion scene. So Vestron decided to promote it themselves and it was shown on the weekend of August 16th 1987. To Vestrons surprise audiences everywhere loved it. They saw people leave at the end of the movie and immediately buy another ticket to see it again, even three times in a row. Amazingly more adults than teenagers were seeing it. And it generated a wave of passionate reviews. Within 3 weeks it had grossed $10 m, within 28 weeks it had taken more than $63 m, and within the last 20 years had taken more than $170 m (excluding video sales). Swayze got a Golden Globe Award nomination for his role as the dance instructor, and the song he sang (and co-wrote) Shes Like the Wind got to number 3 in the music charts. This song has been covered by many other artists and in 2006 went to the top of the German charts as a hip-hop version by Lumidee. The film also won an Oscar for Best Original Song with (Ive Had) The Time of My Life. The film soundtrack has grossed millions as one of the best loved soundtracks of all time, and includes all the hit songs including Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen. In 1988 the film was the top video rental and also the first to sell one million copies. In the last 20 years it has earned more than $300 million internationally and has given rise to other similar movies, TV programs and even .puter games. This isnt bad for a film that was meant to be burnt and never released. Nobody can put Dirty Dancing in a corner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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