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Ding Liuyuan in the film festival "best" was played live "Jiang Jie" [Abstract] especially she plays Jiang Jie with its solid acting and exquisite performance won everyone’s attention, therefore known as the third generation of Jiang Jie screen. This article reprinted from the public, Ding Liuyuan WeChat "Chinese people" micro signal: cnpeople2016 the Hanzi Li Ling recently, the first China – Canada International Film Festival in Canada, Montreal, China actress Ding Liuyuan won awards in the film "umbrella head and his woman" in a corner of love Blue won best actress, success to win the title, cited concern at home and abroad. Ding Liuyuan had played Jiang Jie, He Zizhen and many other roles of her audience for having heard it many times, the characters of the interpretation and acting for the audience and the industry. In particular, she played the role of Jiang Jie with its solid acting and delicate real performance won everyone’s attention, it is known as the third generation of the screen Jiang Jie. The screen in each presentation, the podium on every appearance Ding Liuyuan can be called perfect, but this is a perfect moment behind it, but there are countless you unexpected bitter story. The sons and daughters of the year in her "sister Jiang" filming this drama was to interview her, then even Ding Liuyuan himself completely into the role, friends are very scared, "Ding Liuyuan said in your magic". In order to play a role, she really spelled. Don’t believe you look down. After you have to worship the growth history. Ding Liuyuan said, "sister Jiang" shooting, has great influence on her life, the film is a spiritual journey. Acting "tips" – to get themselves back to 60 years ago one day in early 2009, Ding Liuyuan accompanied the parents to go to Hubei tourism, visiting the exhibition and parents, received a producer of phone, the phone told her: "to beat" Jiang Jie "this drama, starring actor Jiang Jie in the selection, you can try". Ding Liuyuan was happy to hear that. Back to the hotel at night, she sent to producer information carefully read it again, although the child in the books read "Red Rock", but that night, she couldn’t sleep. After that is a lot of actors to participate in the trial and interview. Ding Liuyuan is a calm person, she thought, I have this opportunity to leave very close, I will use twelve point effort. She ran the bookstore, go to the library, collecting a lot about Jiang Jie, Chongqing underground historical data, and then immersed in study, excerpt notes. She said, you can not wait to determine the performance, only to find information, so late. Later, the producers talk to her: "you are the actor Jiang Jie third generations (the top two is blue and Song Chunli), you should not only do good, but also to surpass." At that time Ding Liuyuan had with the "Sun Mountain" won the "Five" engineering award does not fall, the circle is recognized the strength of the actors, but Jiang Jie won the chance, but she was a little worried, afraid to live up to the expectations of the audience." Ding Liuyuan replied, "don’t say so much, let me go back to 60 years ago." When she got home, Ding Liuyuan put herself in her room for more than and 40 days. She drew a large table and hung it on the wall. As of 1945, in what later, domestic and international.相关的主题文章:

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