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Customer Service For most of the businesses all that is required to get started is get your .pany registered; and you can set off. But there is one business that requires a bit more than this. We are talking about selling alcohol. This is a business that requires a lot of risk. One must have sufficient knowledge about it so that he can handle it easily. Having .plete awareness about the business and its whereabouts is always helpful in tackling with issues in the long term. To start up with an alcohol business, you must possess a licence to sell alcohol. This licence can save you from any trouble that may .e with your business. Before you get down to the licence, you need to go through a course that gets you all the information you need to know. There are various courses available everywhere. You can pick on the one that is closest to you. Only after you are done with this course can you apply for the test and appear for it. On passing the test, you would be provided with the Personal Licence, which is the licence we were talking about. The entire process of getting this involves first taking up the course, getting your criminal record checked, applying for the test and a few other formalities. You can opt to do them all yourself or hire a contractor who can do it all for you. He would pick out the best course for you and perform all the above mentioned tasks on your behalf. All you would be left with to do is go for the course, learn things there and appear for the test. Rest you be done for you. Obtaining a personal licence is always beneficial. It would tell you whom should you sell alcohol to. The amount of alcohol that can be sold to a person at a time is also what you will .e to know. One would .e to know about the areas where he can sell alcohol on .pleting the course. He would also know that the price of the alcohol should be what the government has decided, or maybe the manufacturer in some cases. The test that is most .monly preferred by everyone is the BIIAB APLH (Award for Personal Licence Holder). Almost all the agents prefer this test too. You can find out the dates for the same through the agent. If you decide to get the licence to sell alcohol through a contractor or agent, then you can find a lot of options online. Searching for an agent who deals in the same can get you a list of all of them. You can then pick out the one of your choice. But before you finalize a particular agent, make sure you open up all the details with him. Details like what all responsibilities will he take up for your licence, the fee that he would ask for, the amount of time it would take for the entire process and, the most important one, genuineness of the agent must be clear to you before you proceed with the deal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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