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.puters-and-Technology EDoctrina is a .pany that is known for providing some of the best teaching tools that were designed to assist teachers and educators to be more efficient and effective with their teaching methods. One of the tools that eDoctrina provides are the decision making assessments tools that help students to get whatever support they need in order to succeed on their chosen endeavors. The tools .e in the form of web-based software and are preloaded with different modules that are expected to do the following: •prioritize the State’s standards for learning •.e up with curriculum learning maps as well as standard-based lesson plans •ability to link standards to learning assessments •create decision making assessments •develop online assessment for students •print out the answer sheets •scan the results of student assessments •generate reports that will identify the aspects where students struggle and on what standards they are struggling with •manage the school or the district’s SMART goals Decision making assessments and the practice of data-driven decision making, also known as DDDM is the very core of eDoctrina. They have created robust tools that are efficient when it .es to assessment building capabilities. The tools are capable of the following: •creating online and paper assessments for students •pulling questions from a certified bank that has more than 50,000 questions .ing from a notable content-producer called the “Examgen” or .ing from a bank of questions that the school or the district have created •printing of answer sheets that can support direct-response and open ended questions as well as rubric-scored questionnaires which you don’t need to purchase separately •making use of the school or the district’s copy machines when scanning instead of buying new machines or equipment to scan test papers So as you see, the decision making assessments tools of eDoctrina can be a great help to the educators as well as the administrators of a school. The tools are robust and standards based, capable of providing data reports that can generate valuable information as a result of an individual student assessment, class assessment, as well as assessment based on grade level, district, building and regional levels. Why choose eDoctrina? Of all the educational software .panies that provide assessment tools for learning, you might wonder why eDoctrina is the best choice. First of all, the organization is known for providing the best tools for learning with a goal to improve the student’s level of achievement. Up until today, the .pany has been doing a lot of improvements on the tools and modules that they release and they will base their modifications from the suggestions of the teachers and educators who have used their tools. And it is for this reason why the philosophy of eDoctrina mirrors the educator’s .mitment in providing excellent quality education to their students. But the great thing about investing on the decision making assessments tools of eDoctrina is that the team behind the .pany is .mitted to providing the best service to their clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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