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Dating Ever look around and see that some men just seem to have "it" when it .es to dating women? You might be wondering if there is some secret dating guide that you do not know about that they do. Well, in some ways, yes, they do. They know that most guys are not going to end up getting the girl and that they have to do something different. If you are going to go after a woman, then you need to know what creates that feeling called attraction with her. And contrary to what you might have been taught, you do not need to be the best looking or even the smoothest guy to end up getting a really HOT woman. Here are 4 secrets to getting the girl that you should know: 1. What attracts women more than anything else is a guy that is not worried about every little move he makes. If you find yourself constantly second guessing yourself or thinking things through way too much, then this is something that you need to change, pronto! If you can .e off being the kind of man that just does not get caught up in all of that, then you can make a great impression on any woman you would like to. 2. Conventional ways of attracting a woman are overdone. You know, doing things like constantly giving a woman all your attention and trying hard to suck up to try and make her like you? Every guy that she meets tries to do these things and they do not end up with her, so why would it work out for you? The point is, you need to get past those conventional methods and use techniques to attract a woman that REALLY pan out. 3. A little .petition is GOOD for YOU. Most men will shy away when they think that there might be a little bit of .petition for a woman that they are attracted to. You want to be the other kind, the guy that sees a little .petition as being a good thing and I will tell you why. One, is that it shows her that you are not the kind of jealous guy that will get all passive aggressive on her, and two, you can be pretty sure that the OTHER GUY is going to mess things up and that will only make YOU look BETTER in the end. 4. Sparking sexual attraction is mandatory. You have to make a decision. Do you want to make a woman like you as a friend as this is easy and a much safer option? Or, would you like to take a risk and go after her as a woman to date, sleep with, and maybe have a relationship with? Sure, being friends with a woman will save you from any rejection, but it will also keep you from getting anywhere with her. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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