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Vacation-Rentals The capital city of Pakistan accommodates several high-end hotels, but Bed & Breakfast Islamabad scheme is very popular with the tourists. A typical bed and breakfast program enables the tourist to have a closer view of the lifestyle and day to day working of the host. Another reason that adds to the popularity of the B&B Islamabad accommodation plans is their full value for money. They are much cheaper compared to the classy hotels that charge n number of services charges and taxes along with the bill for rooms and food. The B&B type of accommodation sources are also known for being very comfortable as you can enjoy their hospitality with a touch of personalized care and love from the owner. Cheaper accommodation plans like the Bed & Breakfast Islamabad was started in Pakistan following the growing popularity of this trend, amongst the European travelers. The origin of the B&B scheme took place in Europe. It all started with families owning big houses offering their spare rooms to the tourists with home-cooked breakfast. Following the same trend, there were some families with elegant rooms and aristocratic interiors offering luxury bed and breakfast plan for those with more sophisticated demands. The scheme gained popularity and more tourists started to avail the comfort and personalized services of the B&B homes. Soon it was a rage in the West. Joining this rage are the numerous Asian countries that have now started catering the travelers with B&B accommodation plans. As the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad receives relevant number of tourists every year that is why, one can now locate numerous B&B schemes here. The B&B Islamabad accommodation plans are not just very satisfactory but one thing that makes them even more pleasant is the fact that they are not very expensive. As compared to the highly priced hotel rooms a B&B accommodation scheme works out pretty cheap. You can save a lot of your hard earned money and use it for other important purposes. You can buy handicrafts from the local market as souvenirs for you loved ones. You can also indulge in exclusive antique items form the souvenir shops as memoirs of your wonderful trip that you can ponder upon years later, that you were not able to do due to budget constraint. If you belong to the elite class and want to enjoy the best of life than you can indulge in the luxury bed and breakfast plan. Just by paying a little more you can you can enjoy the exclusive treatment of staying in a typical Bungalow or palace of the ancient royals and be treated to their hospitality. If you are traveling to Islamabad for business of leisure, there are a number of accommodation plans to choose from. Ranging from sophisticated 7 star hotels to less expensive lodges, the city is buzzing with numerous options. If you are amongst those who want to enjoy a comfortable stay in a well furnished home and relish the local cuisine than a typical B&B Islamabad is the perfect choice for you. For the refined classes the luxury bed and breakfast schemes are available, where one can enjoy comforts of both the world. Located in Islamabad NUMBER THREE and NUMBER THREE LUSH provide excellent accommodation option for the new-age travelers. You can know more about NUMBER THREE at ..numberthree…pk/bed-and-breakfast-islamabad.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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