Chengdu, ready for a visitor

Chengdu, a tourist ready for all the folk singer Zhao Lei, a "Chengdu", singing the circle of friends of Chengdu people. "Walk with me on the streets of Chengdu, until all the lights go out," he said. "The Yulin Road, the tavern, and the. Some people in the song Chengdu, Chengdu in the book, and I sat on the Chengdu small wooden bus, shuttle in with spicy and delicious Chengdu alley, from Hot pot, from the string of incense, baking cake, broth powder, in Chengdu for daguokui. Chengdu friends said: labor with foreign friends went to N times the width. But have to say, as a pure 24K tourists, Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley is like a ceremony, is a compulsory course for tourists. Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley, a "wide alley", "alley" wells alley". Built on the basis of the ancient scenic spots, there is a taste. For me, one of the best cities in China, definitely Chengdu! The width of the most attractive, of course, is a delicacy! Baked baked pig’s trotters pig’s trotters surface Jiaocui, which is quite soft waxy, mixed with sesame seeds and pepper spicy, with Chengdu saying, "just good board!" The price is slightly expensive, 20 a. Roasted brain flower to eat brain flowers, for people who are very sick"! But in Chengdu, you will love, and "addicted to brain". Brain flower to do good, eat delicate and tender, taste like tofu, but also a unique taste. Chengdu people eat brain flowers, there are halogen, there are risks, there are baked, but also into the hot pot cooking. The light roast flowers are N brain flavors, fresh pepper, pickled cabbage, etc.! The Sichuan bacon sausage pot chicken rabbit so lovely, so delicious. Don’t know how the rabbit with Sichuan people stupid". Because rabbits in Chengdu there are countless eat, roast rabbit, rabbit, rabbit fresh pepper paste hot and cold to eat rabbit, rabbit BA ram……. Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley’s hand torn roast rabbit super appetite. The tourists can not help, the wallet has been unable to jump out of the money…… "The boss, only half!" Spicy chewy, for drinks. Tutou is one of the characteristics of Sichuan people gnawed Tutou, even up to earth how many times? Always eat spicy, spicy! Tofu curd jelly, fruit oil, Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley Chengdu two Guokui witnessed three hundred years of city construction development and evolution. 365 days a year, where the flow of people has not broken, always a lively scene. Some people come from food, some people come from the lively, but there are always some people in the crowd is not food for the fun, for the ancient buildings. There are many narrow alley at the end of the Qing Dynasty architecture, of which there are some churches left Western style buildings. From the period of the Qing Dynasty nobles Mancheng bird to get flowers; the period of the Republic of China, the banquet guests toast each other high officials and noble lords, and now to the literati tourists a cup of tea, a taste of life ", Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley has become a typical portrayal of life in Chengdu. With the city pattern and the barracks of the complete combination of the north and Sichuan Hutong courtyard, with the Republic of China’s western architecture and the chuanximinju. These features create a wide?相关的主题文章:

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